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I think cybernator on the snes still looks pretty bad ass.

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No way, I have a broad pallet and I'm not afraid to try new things. There is nothing wrong with not liking certain foods, but I just don't understand people who are as picky as Dan claims to be. To each his own I guess.

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I don't have a lot of faith in this. They can't even get their music streaming service done right.

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Wouldn't this game have reached a greater audience without all the profanity? Like, it might actually help kids in Highschool with typing and spelling, but would never happen with all the swearing in the VO.

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Its kind of odd of sony to remove so many media functions considering the PS3 had all the media functions anyone would want. And that was from a time before these boxes were more than just game systems.

I actually used my PS3 as a music player; including copying songs from my media server and ripping CDs. I could channel it through my home theater and rattle all the windows :P

But now I have a 2.1 soundbar mounted to the wall behind my PC monitor...PC...

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A slick coat of wax on your mother board may do the trick.

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You can guess what this does to Pac Man. I heard them talking about the skins on last weeks pod cast and decided to make a few changes myself.

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I bought a ceremonial 40 after work, played some games and listened to the last bombast. It was hard since Ryan wasn't there, and the rest of the guys talked about things they would do when he got back. Sadly thats never going to happen. The world needs more good guys like you man. RIP

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My phone is broken, check.

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Buy a camera and start taking pictures of random stuff. Go somewhere outside you really like and look for things to shoot. I find its a good hobby/escape.