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I've been looking to pick up the adapter for my current gaming headset. Everyone seems to be sold out. Gamestop, Amazon, Best buy, Walmart... Do they not make these anymore? Does anyone know if there is another way I can get my headset chat to work other then this adapter? Thanks

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@blabbermouth64: I downloaded the trial and played for about half an hour. I did not have any issues. I did notice on the Amazon reviews most of the reviews are reporting crashing problems... The game is kind of fun and I could see it being a good work out. But I'm afraid to buy a broken game.

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Your steam name :SuperFiasco

Your location and what times you are available to play 8pm to 2 am ET

Experience beginner

Favourite Hero/Role Sniper

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sorry, I've updated the title.

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So I am seeing rumors that an Xbox one version of Halo 1,2,3and 4 will be out this year(Gamespot,IGN). Do you guys think this is true? If so would you purchase this? I was looking forward to the rumor of halo 2 coming out so I am pretty excited by the idea of having all 4 games.

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I don't play a lot of indie games but I just wanted to give horror fans a heads up that this is worth checking out. Its only $1 and I've had a lot of fun playing this game. It is a game that makes you jump a lot and I could see a lot of people liking this game. When you break it down its a coop version of slender. There is a bunch of different maps to play on. If anyone wants to check it out here is the xbox link.

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This can be a pain. Have you verified the xbox has the same ip address since you have added it into DMZ? Your router will sometimes give a new ip address out. What make/model router do you have?

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I've been wanting to play this game but am sad to see its $30 bucks digital download on xbox live. With websites selling the game for more I have even seen 70 bucks on amazon. I don't have a PC so I cant enjoy it for the 8 bucks on steam. :-(.

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I would say I put about 10 hours into playing the beta. I must say overall my most(not all) of my concerns are gone. The game is more of a co-op game that happens to be in a MMO world. Here is some bullet points of some good and bad thought I had with my time played. Overall think of a mix of crackdown/gears of war/borderlands.


  • Outside of the first day I never had any issues with lag.
  • Story seems like it could be pretty good and had some interesting characters.
  • Weapons seem to have a good variety to them. I did find myself needing to switch weapons for different jobs. You can of course go through the game with nothing but the assault rifle but it did have meaning to use the sniper to clear our some of the pack before running in.
  • Co-op play works well and gives the game a little strategy as some of the enemies require you to hit weak points to get damage and its good to have someone holding the waves of enemys off when your trying to complete a task.
  • Ark falls are really fun to do and its cool seeing a bunch of plays joining up at a spot to fight a large boss off.
  • Vehicles are a great way to get around.


  • Though Co-op was fun I found it hard to know what was going on if you join a player that is either further ahead or behind in the story. I might have missed it or it might be in the full version of the game but it needs some kind of mission sharing so you can see what your task is or where you need to go.
  • The game seems to be based around the idea of co-op so anytime the game makes you do something on your own in seems off putting.

Those are the key things that stick in my mind as I am writing I'm sure there are much more on both sides I am forgetting. I didn't include things such as mission diversity as I know the beta didn't have everything. I didn't get a chance to try everything such as really getting into messing with character options. I also didn't get a chance to do any of the death match.

If you have any questions about the game let me know I will try and answer them.

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