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To me, Kingdom Hearts represents the transition point where I went from loving 90% of Square's games to hating 90% of them. And I still say WTF every time I see Sora's giant yellow clown shoes.

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Could not be more hyped for this.

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I want to believe this will be good because Itagaki but holy shit it looks like absolute garbage.

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I'm psyched to play Bayonetta 1 at a (hopefully) 100% locked 60 FPS. Even the 360 version of the game got pretty jittery during bigger fights. JP confirmed Platinum's doing the port, so it should be high quality. I'd prefer a PC version where I KNOW I'd have locked a framerate but this is pretty great news.

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I'm still waiting for an exclusive that I really care about (Dead Rising is the closest thing right now and I don't see any more on the horizon; I've never been a Halo fan so anything in that franchise is not gonna do it for me). Very pleased that they are making this move though. A step in the right direction.

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@humanity: There's a lock on button you know...

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@riboflavin: Yes.

Also I just did the Monsoon fight, and you know that part where he throws the big Katamari ball of tanks and cars at you and you can put the framerate to single digits on console by blademode slashing until your meter runs out? Only went down to mid 40s on my 2 year old rig at max settings.

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Played the first mission and loving it so far. The rock steady framerate already makes this worth buying over the console versions even if something prevents a resolution fix. Only minor complaint is the mouse cursor appears in the middle of the screen in the menus even though I'm using a controller.

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November 8 2012 is the Japanese release date, it came out in the US in June 2013.

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Here in Minnesota the last few days have supposedly been the coldest since the mid nineties. My friends and I decided to have a bonfire and grill steaks on the driveway last night to celebrate.