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Man I am so hyped for this game! I've been playing the demo for hours just fooling around with the new weapons and seeing the new stuff added to the old ones. Charge blade is insanely fun to use, I think I'm going to main it when the full game comes out.

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I never played the PS3 version but I've heard that it was patched at one point (google found it), so a lot of the problems that were present at release aren't as bad, but that it's still not as good as the 360 version. I mean you could probably get a cheap used copy for 360 or the Bayo 1+2 bundle in a week or so when that comes out if you have either of those systems, and you'd have a sure thing.

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I absolutely cannot wait for this game. The new weapons look super cool. The co-op mode looks really interesting too, I wasn't expecting to care about it much but it looks like they put a lot of effort in with the wagering/competition side of it and the alternate characters.

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To me, Kingdom Hearts represents the transition point where I went from loving 90% of Square's games to hating 90% of them. And I still say WTF every time I see Sora's giant yellow clown shoes.

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Could not be more hyped for this.

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I want to believe this will be good because Itagaki but holy shit it looks like absolute garbage.

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I'm psyched to play Bayonetta 1 at a (hopefully) 100% locked 60 FPS. Even the 360 version of the game got pretty jittery during bigger fights. JP confirmed Platinum's doing the port, so it should be high quality. I'd prefer a PC version where I KNOW I'd have locked a framerate but this is pretty great news.

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I'm still waiting for an exclusive that I really care about (Dead Rising is the closest thing right now and I don't see any more on the horizon; I've never been a Halo fan so anything in that franchise is not gonna do it for me). Very pleased that they are making this move though. A step in the right direction.

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@humanity: There's a lock on button you know...