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Yes! The best game of 2014 deserves to be played by more people... even though I somehow doubt this will sell a whole lot.

@everybody who has yet to play it: Buy it, it is easily worth the asking price!

I hope their other games come sooner than later aaand maybe I'll play through Original Sin again in the meantime.

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I had to start the second game about four times over until I made it past the forest/swamp area (first act?) but I thought the game really picks up after that one. Not one of my favorite games ever, but it's pretty damn good!

The first Witcher, that is a different story. Way too hard/impenetrable for me. Didn't like the three sword styles and the way it made you jog everywhere (and there wasn't a whole lot to do or see in some areas).

Really excited for the third one, since it seems to fix a lot of the tedium and bad quest design that plagued those games!

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Guacamelee is an awesome, awesome game. The rest seem a little artsy fartsy on the outset. I'm definitely going to try some of em, since they look interesting.

But this month won't be the one for all the people complaining about too many indies on there.

Oh and on topic: I think some of those games might be a little too high concept to introduce people to anything other than drugs!

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You might as well not do it.

Sorry, but these people had three games to prove themselves and they have failed to deliver a good Tony Hawk game.

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Whoever is responsible for this should not be allowed to have a job in the industry.

Unfortunate truth: Whoever is responsible for this will probably have a job in the industry till it's all gone.

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Okay so here's the thing:

Apparently, he was just talking about his collaboration with Kojima. That doesn't mean the game is not happening. Although I think this game is never coming out (the reason being freaking Konami), I also think this was some pretty shoddy reporting yesterday. Yeah, twitter really is going to ruin everything, isn't it?

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I thought the Halo Nightfall thing was pretty damn bad. Glad they stopped their TV crossover plans before they pumped more trash out.

I usually tend to avoid that stuff like the plague, but since I'm a big Halo fan, I wanted to give it a try. It has all the hallmarks of bad TV: Little to no plot stretched over too many episodes. Characters that you already know inside out from the moment they first show up on screen (due to them being comically huge stereotypes) and little to no action whatsoever. If I want to see bored people talk to each other, I go sit in on a city council meeting or whatever.

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I have a simple question: Why the heck do those stupid review embargos still exist? I mean, it's fine they can't give it a score before a certain date, servers and all that.. but come on, the game is out there. Let the press talk about it!

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@joshwent said:

In other words, "People should edit themselves because the masses might give them shit for it"? That seems kind of terrifying.

We have to realize that these attitudes work both ways. (although I use "both" loosely, as no idea only has two ways of looking at it.) But for example, for months, I couldn't calmly and reasonably voice my criticism of Anita's videos without hoards of people instantly calling me a misogynist. And that was just on GB. I don't even use Twitter, but I could imagine the exponentially greater hate thrown at me in a bigger forum like that.

I get the annoyance when a person says a provocative thing, and then complains about why a bunch of people suddenly feel provoked. And even more so when that person's accusations are baseless and offensive. But the responsibility to act like a human being doesn't end when we might be offended.

As I said above, we must call out the bullshit when we see it. But it's that much more imperative to let that bullshit be said, and call it out with respect and rationality.

A hundred thousand times this.

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@gunstarred: Dreamweb is pretty cool, but I remember the PC version looking better? That seemed to be the case for a lot of Amiga games..

Anyway, Dreamweb was hella controversial for pixelated dong and violence!