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only if it's a fancy hat. Like a stovepipe type thing.

Most people only wear this sort of thing at a convention anyway.

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All that in glorious 900p!! Just sort of kidding, this game seems like it could potentially be awesome.

The French revolution (and the aftermath of said revolution) are a superb backdrop for a game. I wonder how deep they'll go, especially since ACIV straight up told you that it doesn't want to be historically accurate.

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I bought freaking ReVolt on the N64. It ran like crap.

It was almost unplayable and I would not have bought it had I known. Yes, framerates and to a lesser extent resolutions do matter, even on console. If a game runs like poop, people shouldn't buy it.

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What's the deal with playing 2D games with an analog stick? Yeah, personal preference and all that, but come on!

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Two reasons:

One - Kids have horrible taste regarding EVERYTHING. Just look at kid-friendly music.

Two - He's pretty good looking. Hey, even if you're not into dudes, you have to admit that this is always a plus.

Other than that, I have no freaking clue. Then again, I can't stand most of these hyper lets play guys on youtube.

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If only he had somehow already known about this.. my nerdy dreams would have come true :D

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The only problematic one is the blade dancer thing. That one really can't be countered unless you're extremely lucky.

I'm pretty happy with the balancing for the most part. It's one of the best deathmatch games I've ever played- and nobody on PS4 seems to have ever played a Halo game, so they have no idea what they're doing.

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Dishonored. Awful. The same sentence.

Sorry, if a game of that caliber turns you off.. you might be beyond redemption. Or you just don't like good things.

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@arach666 said:

Divinity: Original Sin,what a sublime RPG,one of the best in years.

Yep, easily the best game of the year so far.