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Not a game mechanic. Jumping is one. Shooting is one. Some arbitrary part of story somebody tacked on is not.

And should therefore be discarded.

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So fucking stupid. Guess they wanted the price to be 100 bucks.. desperately?!

Well, I don´t need any of this stuff- the game, maybe.

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Pretty cool, but they are going to have to ditch the ship stuff, right?

Was hoping for a bit of a modern setting, but this seems okay.

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I didn´t know the term "roguelike" until Patrick joined the staff. Or the word "ostensibly".

Both seem pretty common now, since I notice them in everyday banter. Maybe Patrick started a weird cultural trend.. but I somehow doubt it. I bet the dude at your college has heard the term "RPG".. he just didn´t care about it (and probably continues not to care)

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You know what I´ve already played? Every freaking Zelda game. If I want to play them again, I use the original console they were on. Nintendo DESPERATELY needs more than 2 interesting games per year on their home console. Remakes don´t sell systems. But, since they don´t exactly seem to want to sell any WiiU consoles.. they are probably going to remake Metroid Prime next. A game that everybody and their mother already played.

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Banner Saga looked a lot like that kind of game. It seems to be rather short though.

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@darji said:

@shinjin977: Lol Hostess clubs are nothing creepy and this goes for male and female hostess clubs. Japanese business people (male or female) just want to have a nice time there. These clubs are not about sex they are about having fun and spending tons of money^^

That.. kinda makes them sound.. you know.. creepy?!

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@arach666 said:

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream.

Now what were you doing playing that game at that age? lol

Hah! Yeah it sure looks like that game.. and you were waaay too young for that :D

I wish I could go back to 1994.. listen to some of that Nevermind (and that Definitely Maybe) and play some friggin´ADVENTURE GAMES on a 386 PC. Those were the days

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random pc game was my favourite godamn feature

Fuck yeah!

Oh and the random physics fighting fun of yesterday´s show was a freaking BEAST. Pun intended.