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Divinity: Original Sin,what a sublime RPG,one of the best in years.

Yep, easily the best game of the year so far.

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Why not use that money to make new games?! Why Minecraft? That was already available on every platform under the sun. It's a great game, but the only thing MS gains from this is more platform exclusivity. If not for Minecraft, then whatever they have Mojang do next (Minecraft Gaiden?).

That money could have been spent on some real, new games. Same thing goes for their freaking TV venture.

Seriously. MS gets backed into a corner and all they do is throw money at exclusives. Despicable. I know it was never all about games.. but they used to HAVE games at least. I remember a little game called Shadow Complex. I remember Rare, before they got turned into an abomination. I remember Lionhead, releasing flawed but entertaining games, instead of casual multiplayer garbage. Man, times have changed.

And I used to think competition was good for the industry. Well, not if fucking Microsoft is involved, that's for sure.

Edit: I completely get why Notch would do it. I would have done it. He's still a sellout though. The very definition of a sellout. A very rich one indeed :D

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Here's the thing: On the most recent bombcast, he states that he doesn't like the game about 20 times in a row.

I don't care if people fall in love with certain games or not.. if you don't like it, it's fine. You don't have to. But you also don't have to state your freaking dislike every four minutes. Shit gets tiresome. Like all the people complaining about 'brown' shooters a couple of years ago, or WWII before that. We get it. You don't like it. Do you have to be so vocal about it?

Eh, whatever. Jeff has always had strong opinions and this time it's no different. I just wish he will handle it like he did with Red Dead (he didn't really talk all that much about that one), because I don't want someone to shit on a game for the next five podcasts.

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Ugh. Instead of developing some actual new games and or franchises, Microsoft just goes around buying everything. Sure thing, it worked like a fucking charm for Rare, didn't it?!

No it did not! Good thing I'm not a huge Minecraft fan and that game is already firmly established- but fuck, Microsoft ruins everything.

Come to think of it, Supergiant Games would be an awesome Kinect only shovelware studio, right??!!!

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Oh man, I'm so glad I never signed up for twitter. I feel like in "some" ways we'd be better off without it.

It's a nightmare machine. Without it, people would keep their freaking outbursts to themselves, or only bother a couple of people. Twitter allows them to spread it like the plague.

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The real issue here (besides all the gender focused twitter idiot-fights) is a simple one:

Journalists will always be dangerously close to other fields, just because of the nature of their jobs. A lot of journalists over here in Germany will later have a career in politics or as some PR-guy/gal.

It is a real issue if you are looking for real, completely unbiased journalism. You should not look for that. It simply cannot exist. Everybody has feelings, nobody can completely remove themselves from certain issues. Here's what I think: It soooo doesn't matter for games journalism, because nobody wants hard hitting pieces from that. Well, okay sometimes it can be nice to have them, but it should be about the games first. Reviews.. well, they've always been unreliable.

Oh and everybody should just quit Twitter. It's a fucking plague on society.

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The one on the left is giving me that SNES feel. Nice!

Maybe it's finally time to buy a 3DS for me.

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@extomar said:

Podcasts need to be careful about adding more than 4 people because conservations easily get muddled with multiple people talking over each other readily. So it isn't that Rorie shouldn't be on the Bombcast regularly but that they need to keep the number of "chairs" at 4.

Yep. Plus, Brad seems a lot more talkative recently (he has to be as the host) sooo a fifth guy/gal would really be too much. There should be some rotation though. Guests would be nice too, the last couple were pretty cool.

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Yo, turn Twitter off.

You'll regain some faith in humanity that way.

It's not just gamers. It's fucking social media. Brings out the worst in people-

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You might as well throw money out the fucking window.