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Yea I am sure homeland security won't have a problem with that title.

HAH, yeah was thinking the same thing. I bet the NSA & FBI are all on this thread as we speak.

Oh, those knuckleheads! Always up to their old tricks. Seriously, if this thread even comes up as a red flag, there´s something entirely wrong with your world-surveillance systems.

Edit: On topic, yeah it would be nice if Vinny and Alex could do a feature like that. Those old videos are still pretty amazing. The new ones will probably consist of: Meetings, paperwork, standing in line (not necessarily in that order) but hey, if they have interesting stuff to show they should do it!

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Damn. I can't comprehend a Harmonix without John Drake.

Good luck with whatever is next.

Um, yeah if that Fantasia thing sells as well as I think it will, you kinda won´t have to comprehend that for a lot longer. Honestly, nobody will buy this freaking thing. I sure hope they didn´t bet a lot on it. But it kinda looks like they did.

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yeah, mostly bad ports. AC4 was fine once I turned the ingame vsync off and got a different solution (DxOverrider or something) same thing with a lot of these games. There shouldn´t be anything wrong with the system, it has zero problems with better optimized games. At least I hope. I triple checked everything when I put that card in, because I really wanted it to make every game buttery smooth.

Eh, still better than the AMD card I had before. That one was microstutter/vsync problems hell.

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Oh and @rollingzeppelin yeah the 780 is okay, but the cpu kinda gimps it I guess.. and it´s no magical end-all solution to framerate problems (which I had kinda hoped when I bought it)

Which i5? If it's essentially any quad core i5, it isn't gimping anything. Those processors are absolute beasts and more than enough for any games coming out in the foreseeable future.

Uh, yeah it´s definitely a Quad core, but can´t do Hyperthreading. A 3570? Sorry, I can´t check right now. Yeah it should be enough.. but tell that to the erratic framerate of AC4, or the texture pop in / microstutter of Thief, or the sub 30fps segments of Shadow Warrior.. I could go on. When I play games on PC, I expect 60+ frames per second and no freaking dips at all. My current rig can´t do that for a LOT of games.

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@superfriend: It worked on my $500 laptop from 2 years ago so yes. No stuttering at all now, before I got the mod I was getting mad stutters when I sprinted, and basically unplayable when driving.

YES! Now I´m gonna get this game on PC. Don´t care about high or Ultra, just want to play it without it seizing up. Thank you!

Oh and @rollingzeppelin yeah the 780 is okay, but the cpu kinda gimps it I guess.. and it´s no magical end-all solution to framerate problems (which I had kinda hoped when I bought it)

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Will this mod (or files whatever) allow the game to run without hitching like crazy on a normal rig (i5, Gtx780)??

I´ve been holding off on Watchdogs because I freaking hate it when games stutter like crazy, especially on PC.

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First of all, the entire E3 coverage was freaking awesome this year. I liked the late night talks a whole lot more than before and you did a fantastic job booking a whole bunch of interesting people.

Now, some of those guests were a little more reserved than others- and that's fine. I guess limiting the table to just six people total would maybe help, but some guys n gals just don´t like to talk as much. Jeff freaking killed it as the host. He kinda feeds off the energy in the room, maybe you guys should consider booking a guest for the bombcast from time to time.

I have only two smaller problems with the coverage: I don´t think you´ve released nearly enough on-the-showfloor videos and some of the more interesting content is kinda buried in the (awesome) 30 min video with Drew following you around. Maybe it would be better to have more smaller segments...

My biggest gripe were a couple of guests that seemed to feel a little.. uncomfortable? I won´t name names *cough* Borderlands *cough* but maybe you should give these guys a beer before they sit down. Or some horse tranquilizers.

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That´s how I always imagine the last chapter of Batman´s tale: He´s pissed off and heading straight into the bad guy´s headquarters, Max Payne-style. Some random bad guy screams: "Batman´s got a GUN!" and then the killing starts. In the end Batman stands on top of the building, looking down on all the carnage, again channeling Max Payne. Police sirens in the distance. The end.

Seriously though, I think they can get away with guns on the batmobile. I´m sure it´s always going to be explained in some way (non lethal ammo, etc)

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The evolution of overused GB words:

gnarly - weird - huh

THAT one is much crazier. You´d think that a bunch of game journalists, you know, WRITERS would come up with a couple of adjectives to sum up their feelings. All we get is weird.

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I bet there are going to be some people claiming that "this doesn´t look next gen" to them.

Yeah. I´ll buy it, but only if they have some new content in there as well.