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Cheers @rorie! You have been amazing, I look forward to your appearances through-out the week. Here is a cute.

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Amazing stuff. Very excited to be apart of this duders.

I will be hooking up all my old systems and streaming along side them.

If anyone is interested in joining up and playing some games together via skype send me a message on twitch!

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Just installed again and went through another sign up. Devlare on Ship 10. Add me and lets play like its 1998.

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As a fan of Lord of Shadows, I was very much excited to get back into the Castlevania universe. I am looking forward to how the combat upgrades are handled and if there is much depth in any of the character options. The overall demo felt a bit watered down compared to the previous DS releases.

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Hmm. I'm level 30 and I enjoy the seizure inducing battles, however, the interactive screensaver is a tough recommendation.

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30 Bones toward Platinum greatness.