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I had this AMAZING idea for a Treasure Hunter themed MMORPG (or just a normal RPG with multiplayer options)


The main premise of the game is you create a character and are drop in whatever city/area/country you choose (main areas could be like New York or Hong Kong or any other major city). You can find/get "Adventures" that begin with you finding a "Clue", like a secret map or artifact with a riddle or location. You will have skills like ancient languages or deductive reasoning that will allow you to  solve these problems on these clues, that will need you to anther clue and so on. Sometimes, you will only go to a few clues in a small area, other times (in bigger Adventures) you'll travel the world, enter crypts and temples, and more to finally get major treasures that will make you rich or objects that will grant you special abilities. You can then use money to buy transportation, weapons and housing/protection.
k...please comment if you want me to explain more
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notch released this pic saying he had "Finished 2 things"
what do you think they are (besides the first obvious one)

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can we all agree that bethsheda (or the company that owns bethsheda) is being a little ignorant and crude, and should probably bring in real facts to a law suit before saying that they own a word

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@dad0ktdid: best description, using the blocks around you to make tools and shelter, you survive day after day and make cool creations
after the 1.8 update, it will be more like an rpg with dungeons and towns
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@iam3green: by the looks of it, it may not be like that forever, it'll stay the same, but i think minecraft is going to change ALOT in 1.8
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@Axxol: world deletion seems a bit too far, maybe for hardcore, but not for regular players
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@crusader8463: or think of it like this, when you go into a cave, putting on amour and getting wepons is a good idea to preent anything bad from happening. you can go in a cave completely naked and be fine, it just sometimes helps to have some sort of protection and/or prevention against creatures and the environment
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@crusader8463: idk, i wouldnt say your REQUIRED, but more or less it would be extremely helpful. some deserts arent too big and some snowy areas are small, so you can just dash through without any problems, the only time it would be a big necessity, is when you get to bigger areas
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@crusader8463: ok, try that then, you come up to a giant valley that you need to get past, you can either go to the closet village, pay for a glider and go over, or you can just walk through, 
i guess what im trying to say is, make travelling harder, not too difficult, but for the more action/adventure part o it, try making gettin around a tad more difficult
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@Chavtheworld: ya i know, but idk, i feel likeeven if you take out the vilalge part and just do
jacket needed for old weather, water needed for deserts and so on... the game could get a ton better (no that it isnt already amazing)
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