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 Home Photography - The T1000 likes to show off his muscle on the dance floor for the ladies.
I decide to do my own photo gallery of playstation home, using in game camera. Here's my first pic.
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@toast_burner: i wrote that but aparently GB blog did add my first paragraph, explaining how i know.
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Edit (I had this posted but GB F-uped and didn't add my whole paragraph explain what was going on)... 
The presentation for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is probably going to be one of the most talked portion of Nintendo's press conference. For anyone who didn't understand what was wrong it was probably all the lights and camera infrared screwing up the controls. Not to mention the load of wireless equipment in the surrounding area which adds to the factors. Like usual the 12 year old (or just plain internet ass) will bash them for the poor presentation.   Just remember when people normally play this, it won't be in a room filled with lights and cameras pointing at you.
Anyways, I'm curious to see how it works. I'll wait for GB to do their hands-on impressions. 
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Child of Eden is the only trailer I seem to be going back to over and over from E3 so dar. Maybe it's the combination of music and the fact that's it's a sequel to Rez. If you haven't tried Rez, do yourself a favor and download it off Xbox Live Arcade(as Rez HD) and enjoy porn for you ears. It's beautiful. 
Tetsuya Mizuguchi    (creator of Rez and Child of Eden) don't let me down. 
Here's the song from the trailer 
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 After writing my previous Site For Sounds Blog for Red Dead Redemption. It reminded me of a previous film I made about 2 years ago. I really like this personally cause of the ambient sounds I mixed in. 

Ironically my producer/co-director/writer wanted to call the movie “The Proposition.” At the time he wrote this script he never heard about the John Hilton feature film with the same title. 

 I saw the Red Dead Redemption Short Movie on Giantbomb. I liked it, it was fun to see the cutscenes differently. 

Anyways, we just made this film for fun, no reward or contest.   Write a comment if you'd like. 

WARNING: This has harsh language and drug use.
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@HandsomeDead:  @Skytylz:
I used to work in the poker industry (Full Tilt Poker) as a video editor and some of co-workers had no clue to how to play poker.
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@kingclaw: congrats.... I don't normally complete many games, so to me this is something special.
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@Abyssfull: Yeah I know. I tried doing that and it's ridiculous. Especially without a guide and taking the 'picture icon' side quest.
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100% .... I actually 100% the single player for Red Dead Redemption (on Xbox 360). I could honestly say this is probably one of my personal greatest gaming achievements. At the same time I also think I’m the biggest dork in the world. It’s a love hate thing.  

 Look at me mom are you proud?... No?... Damn it!
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So I'm a huge fan of Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge for the original xbox. In fact, that was the game I bought that and sold me on the xbox live service. So after hearing about Snoopy Flying Ace through Giantbomb's quick lock video, I had to take a look. I tried the trial version and it comes with 30 minutes of xbox live time. So the developers of this game knows that it's a multiplayer game and it's going to suck anyone in that plays for those 30 minutes. I couldn't get enough so immediately bought it. For 800 points this is a steal for any fans. This game came out of no where. I love it when companies release gems like this. 
This is probably the closest we'll ever get to seeing another Crimson Skies game so for 10 bucks, this definitely gets the itch out while I wait.