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@smcn said:

Since I ctrl+F'd and didn't find mention that there's a RiffTrax for it... There's a RiffTrax for it. (also available through a veritable torrent of other means)

The rifftrax is pretty great. The only way to watch it.

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Nice rig, looks really good! 770 is a sick card

Go with an SSD first. The extra ram is only going to help you if you are using it as a work station for some sort of rendering.

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^ You need 850w for SLI 770. I would recommend forking the cash out for a quality 850w PSU now TS, even if you don't have plans on adding the second one in the future right now.

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What does that all add up to? You can play around on
750w is enough, but I would go ahead and up it to 850 in case you want to add a second graphics card in the future.
You should definitely add an SSD as the drive that has your operating system on it. Trust me, you will not regret that extra expenditure. Unless you are an audiophile I don't really see the need for a soundcard.

And last thing I can think of look at it, you might want to go with the 1150 socket type (4670k) since 1155 is a dead socket type and you won't be able to upgrade it in the future (no guarantee you will with 1150 either though)

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hmm, try selecting adaptive frame rates in your Nvidia control panel.

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I refuse to support it in most cases because I feel like the developers are leaving stuff out of the game that should be part of the package when they sold it to you. I have spent a little money on DOTA 2, but I don't feel bad about that since the game is free

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Sounds like it might be outdated drivers. Update your drivers online and restart. Are you running these games through steam?

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@Skytylz said:

@NekuSakuraba said:


It's a gimmick to make it seem fresh and exciting despite the linear story being stretched over three films.

I'm sick of people saying this, The Hobbit can easily make 3 films without being stretched out.

Are you serious? You actually think they can make 9 hours of movies based purely on the Hobbit? Its a pretty short book, that I love, but even I think it's ridiculous that it is being made into three films.

Also, haha at linear story when talking about a movie.

Does it even take 9 hours to read the book?

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He is just deflecting because gun control is going to be a very hot topic now. I bet he said Mortal Kombat specifically because he remembered the Mortal Kombat controversy from the 90's

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I'm surprise a 320 watt PSU even has the right connectors for the card. Yeah you'll definitely want to get a better PSU then that, you can cause trouble with your computer

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