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Dudes, it's space magic.... duh

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@Slaker117:  Thanks! I've looked everywhere and could not find a list. Much appreciated 
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Does anyone have a list of the achievements?

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Streelight Manifesto 

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Thank you Dead Space 2 for not having multi-player specific achievements. Not a fan of them.

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Glad I was able to finish it. One thing I noticed, no one mentions the Contact Beam's Alt fire.  The last boss was super easy thanks to the Contact Beam's Alt. Shoot the ground, everyone gets hurt, shoot the marker with the Plasma, go back to the Beam. The enemies had no chance of touching me.

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Plasma Cutter, Stasis and TK. 

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I beat it last night.... whew. It was nerve-wracking and exciting. The thought of dying and losing a few hours of progress was killer.  
I used the Plasma Cutter and only the Plasma Cutter (fully upgraded) except for the the final fight which included the use of a Contact Beam with the ALT upgraded fully. 
Upgraded Rig and Stasis. Never had to much trouble. Anytime I felt overwhelmed I used stasis and took a step back. I found holding one weapon meant mainly ammo 
for that one weapon was what enemies dropped, leaving me with, for the most part, plenty of rounds. Health was surprisingly plentiful.  
Impale, Impale, Impale. I highly suggest getting comfortable with killing enemies with stasis > cut off limb > TK impale. Most killed enemies will produce at least 1 or  2 impale  spikes just by TK-ing their corpses.  Aiming for the legs seemed like a last ditch effort for me because you still had to shoot them or stomp them while they are down, which wasted more ammo and ran the risk of getting hurt. Spiking someone meant less shots and pushed back any attacker far enough to re-evaluate the situation if they didn't die from it. Upgrading DMG on your Rig will make your TK thrown objects more powerful. Watch out for Cysts but don't waste ammo, impale or trick em into killing themselves. Red rooms in chapter 13 can be easily ran through, stasis and run was all I did through the last few chapters.  Contact  Beam ALT fire the last boss. Kills the Pack,  pushes her back, and damages her as well. Once the marker opens switch to Plasma and fire a few rounds, repeat. Watch out for the instant death when flying to Ellie's ship (just avoid hitting stuff).  
Saved at 5, 9 (before the Stalker warehouse) and 13 (before the blackout)

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Kill Carmine! I don't want the first Carmine that survives to be wearing a metal tank top! The damn Locusts stole all the sleeves!

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Going to pass on this one as well... shame too, I like quests. I'm not against getting to know the community, just rushing to finish this is gonna be awkward for me and some random new people.

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