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I ordered Chinese food for this.

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Free 3DS keys for the eShop (Americas). Reply if you've redeemed them.

Mighty Switch Force: A08KSC7M0FRB4Y7U

Woah Dave: A08MQU4D1BXWQD7N

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Wish they could patch an option to disable Hairworks for Geralt only, leaving it on for creatures. Fur and feathers look great with it enabled but Geralt's hair looks like it has no volume and stringy as if each strand of hair never gets tangled. Reminds me of angel hair pasta. Hairworks enabled, my framerate is around 40-50 fps fighting wolves, but any closeup of Geralt's head knocks my framerate to 20 fps. Just reached the second area and my primary goal is to get to the barber on that island.

EDIT: Found a barber and compared hairstyles with FRAPS on. The "shaved with ponytail" hairstyle offers the best Hairworks performance.

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Storywise I still prefer the original Mad Max's more personal revenge tale / origin story, even though the original looks like it takes place in everyday '70s Australia more than the post-apocalypse. But unlike Mel Gibson's portrayal as the charismatic loner, I liked that Tom Hardy's Max is truly 'mad' as in mentally unstable haunted by visions of a little girl, so helping a group of women survive helps him cope somewhat. Since Tom Hardy barely speaks it's interesting how the relationship between him and Charlize Theron is primarily based on physical interaction and watching each others' backs, notably Furiosa using Max to steady her aim. So when Max finally opens up telling Furiosa his name it hit me emotionally because I believed the established chemistry between them.The hyper cinematography speaks for itself if you've seen the trailer..looks like a Judas Priest album come to life. Also loved the bits of surreal sci-fi imagery that's never explicitly explained. In any other movie Charlize Theron would have a heartfelt scene explaining why she's missing an arm, but here it's left to our imagination.

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@bollard: @baconhound:

Yeah, that's exactly what I had to do to pan the camera. Multiple free camera markers along a path combined with smooth blending. A lot of trial and error.

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My first video created using the Rockstar Editor. Thanks for the visual ideas everyone. Basically made a cinematic version of an action replay clip. Need to play more story mode to unlock more Director Mode options. The in-game editor is pretty impressive although I wish score/song editing was integrated better. The 30-second minimum song requirement is strange.

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Dave Lang has a good rap voice! Sounds like Celph Titled or Scarface.