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Who needs loot when you can get 2 silver trophies! Two! That's 60 points of achievements.

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Whoa, what a downer of an ending if you end up alone with AJ, back to square's like the end of an indie movie. I got the Wellington ending which was more satisfying but I respect the nihilism of Alex's ending.

Alex brings up a good point with the absence of a "wound" option during the final confrontation. While I still enjoyed this season, it just becomes more apparent how Telltale's dependence on forced, binary choices are limiting the potential of their storylines/games. Not to mention the fake-binary choices that lead to the outcomes of Sarah and Luke. Why even waste valuable development time putting a choice there if their deaths are inevitable? The seasons are relatively cheap, especially on sale, but part of me wishes they make a $60 game with a shit ton of choices and branching paths. Until that happens we'll just be along for the ride and funneled into a forced path. But I don't see that happening anytime soon as Telltale are spreading themselves too thin concurrently developing Borderlands, Game Of Thrones, Wolf Among Us, Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy: The Adventure Game, etc, etc, etc

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Fantastic. It's amazing that Alex can review video games with his vestigial claws. And rabies.

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I've got keys for Bioshock and XCOM for North America.

Will trade both for one of these: Prison Architect, Far Cry 3, Shadowrun Returns

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How any woman can resist Brad's voice is beyond me.

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Played XCOM for the first time last month with M&K. The only problem I recall with the UI was with the Psi Testing chamber (could only fit 2/3 people inside it). Might've been a bug.

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Hey glad you guys liked it. Just wanted to make something goofy to cheer everyone up.

@mrfluke I actually shared it in the Hamburger forum originally, with the rest of the community's photoshops.

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RIP Ryan