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Dave Lang has a good rap voice! Sounds like Celph Titled or Scarface.

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@humanity: Damn I looked up Blackwall and apparently you can't recruit him past the Siege of Adamant. Something to know for next playthrough.

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I first knew of Patrick from this 1UP video in 2007, previewing a hot new game called Rock Band. He clearly outlined the differences between it and Guitar Hero, so I figured this Wolfmother-looking dude looks like he knows about music which led to me buying it day one. So thanks a lot Patrick for causing me to spend $200 for one game, its sequels, plus hundreds of dollars more on DLC.

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@humanity said:

Here I am - didn't even pop a single potion, the power of barriers and tanks.

Huh? I've played for over 80 hours and have yet to meet that bearded guy third row down.

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Shadow of Mordor because it has more ownage than other games which have less ownage.

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A lot of mages here. The Giant Bomb community loves wizards.

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Thanks Patrick. I'm really curious of his negative opinion of VR.

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"Historically-accurate models of Jerusalem and Damascus....Leap of Faith into a bale of hay....break line of sight....Wailing Wall...." I'll always associate Jade Raymond with these soundbites circa 2007.

*Lonely Soul playing in the background*

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Funny you mention this mission. First time through I got like 18/20 kills, mostly from freeing the caged caragors in the area. But it didn't reset the area after the initial attempt -- all the caragor cages were now empty and there were less enemies to kill. Then I realized the two minute timer doesn't start till the 1st kill. So my plan was to have a guard notice me on purpose so he could sound the alarm for reinforcements. I was running through the stronghold like crazy, vaulting over everyone and not killing anyone until I had this massive train of orcs chasing me. It looked like Pac-Man Championship Edition.