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It wasn't a quick look, it was a gbe playdate... They play subway simulator in the Missing playdate. Sorry, not good with links and stuff...

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I think Joe Madureira is amazing. Both Darksiders games are really cool looking, and I'm pretty psyched they're going to make a Battle Chasers game.._

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Not a show, but at the time in my life where I was when I saw it, Makoto Shinkai's 8 Centimeters Per Second really got to me...

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OK, I haven't read the whole thread, so if this has come up and has been discussed, I'm sorry for bringing it up again, but...

I'm listening to the deliberations for the second time now, and what immediately stood out to me is that Brad waited after the last round of eliminating games from the list to add Destiny to the list. Alex immediately calls him out, and Brad says: "let's not get ahead of ourselves".

This has nothing to do with his arguments for making the list, but if he had have to defend it for 3 rounds of eliminations I don't think it would have made it...

Brad's smart, is all I'm saying...

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These days I rarely even finish games I DO like, so.... Rarely, I guess.

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Yeah, the way the announcement was set up was pretty stupid!

And watch them do it all again at E3 when they announce that the original FF7 is coming to Playstation NOW...

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I thought it was allright... Not amazing by any stretch, but there were some cool moments (Ken and Roberta Williams being there, for one).

Funny thing happened, though. When the announcer said: "He's the voice of Solid Snake" I immediately went: "Cool, David Hayter is here!", and then when Kiefer Sutherland came out I went: "Oh, right!" Anybody else had that?

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I think you're thinking of One Finger Death Punch. Vinny played it on an unprofessional fridays, if I recall correctly.

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@ll_exile_ll: Have you seen the games they've given away compared to PS Plus up 'till now... Parody may be the right word after all if it doesn't improve ;-)

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@joshwent: yeah, was just going to post something like that. GoW has awesome gods, huge titans, great environments (some of which are the aforementioned titans) and really cool reinterpretations of classical greek monsters. Ryse has a bunch of roman dudes hitting each other...