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I'm a big Zelda fan, to the point where I'm always playing through the various games multiple times. I love just about everything there is to the series, soak up all the lore, nerd out over the timeline and the various implications therein, etc.. I'm a fanboy. I'm way biased in favor of anything with the name 'Zelda', and I'll not apologize for it.

The first time through Skyward Sword, I enjoyed it. Loved it, even. It was a fun romp. But the second time through? I dunno... I actually got mostly through the game again, but I didn't finish it. I got bored. Which is particularly damning in my eyes, because that's never happened before with a Zelda game. Its charm was limited, where the other games are just plain timeless.

The problem, I think, in a nutshell: it's one of the most sparse Zeldas, yet it insists on being the longest Zelda. Too much of the game is filler, and run-here-run-there quests that only serve to make you run over the same ground again. Hell, it's the only game in the franchise to make you return to a dungeon. And for sidetracky, not-actually-related-to-the-plot-or-any-kind-of-progression reasons too. It didn't bother me too bad the first time around, because I was hyped up to "see what's next!" and that gave me the energy to slog through it all. But now that I know what's coming up next -- that it's 45 minutes of running around the desert before I see anything cool -- it really takes the wind out of my sails. Collecting music notes in a flooded version of the forest you've already revisted a time-or-two is a chore rather than a cool moment to look forward to.

Granted, every Zelda game has its moments of tedium. But they don't take as long as they do in Skyward, nor are they as plentiful. Even the infamous Triforce quest in Wind Waker doesn't take much time at all if you've planned for it. You can't plan for anything in Skyward. It's going to take just as long every time, because everything is so rigidly designed to fill for time, and so linear you can't really mix it up (except for one part later on where it graciously lets you revisit the game's three zones in whatever order you please. Hoorah).

Okay, I'm getting kinda ranty and I don't think that's helpful. Here's the thing: I still like Skyward Sword. The few bosses that were in the game were cool. The characters were cool. The game's aesthetics were great. It has a lot of great moments, and some cool story implications for the series. But there's too much uneventful tedium between it all. It could have been a really awesome shorter game -- really tight with great momentum. But instead, it's a long game with huge pauses. It suffers greatly at the part where it's supposed to be game that's fun to play.

I consider it the worst Zelda. Now, I love every game in the series, so that's not such a bad insult. But yeah. They can do better.

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Ghirahim is the real news here.

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I hid my money at -52.195626, 70.753326.

Just try to find it. I dare you.

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Egoraptor's fine. He's usually funny enough, and yeah, he's probably being a little too cute with his "I'm gonna get mail for this one!" thing -- but let's face it, the stereotypical Zelda nerd has kinda earned that image.

Anyway, his points aren't wrong here, but they're ultimately just over-extended nitpicks, given the whole breadth of the game. Just goes to show that anything can be scrutinized if you want it to be. Also, c'mon, the game's like almost two decades old now (fuck).

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They're silly, but it makes some sense. They want to differentiate the versions, make it clear to average joes which one is which, and drive home the point that YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GET A WII U TO PLAY THIS FANCY VERSION, PLEASE.

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Mayo is never the answer.

For anything.


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I enjoyed the PSP version. It's still an archaic NES game at its core, which not every person can deal with at this point (be prepared to do the entire dungeon again if the boss gets ya), but that aside, it's a solid port.

The PC version looks like the PSP version... maybe it's the same, if not better? Might be worth looking into.

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I've been playing games, but not a lot of this-year games so far.

Top three are Luftrausers, Chrono Phantasma, and Mario Kart 8???

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@razorbak94: That'd be Gang Beasts. It's been a go-to for the guys on various Unprofessional Friday segments, though they played it for awhile during the Pizza Stream too.

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I'd say just stay tuned and keep an open mind, though it seems you already have the right attitude about it. Dan might be "just another guy from the industry," but it's important to remember he's a unique individual with his own take on things, so I know we'll be seeing more things covered, and differently. He's gonna be a fun new voice to have around. Jason too, though it remains to be seen how much he'll be in front of the camera.

That said, I'm not sure what his take on strategy games are, so you might still be out of luck there.


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