Games of the Year - Marvelous 2013 Edition!

It's that time of year again, folksy folks! Time to semi-arbitarily take my favorite things and pit them against each other in a listed format! There are no losers here, because everything's great! I should probably mention a few noteworthy games I never got around to playing. Saints Row IV, I didn't finish. Grand Theft Auto V, I barely even started. Kinda speaks to my own enthusiasm with open world games right now that I didn't get to them, so maybe they wouldn't have ended up in the list anyway? Meh, I probably would've liked them anyway. I didn't hit up Devil (m)ay Cry, Rogue Legacy, Metal Gear Rising, or Ni no Kuni either, which are of my particular shame, nor Dragon's Crown. Those I hope to rectify before long. Also I don't own a WiiU yet, so Mario's still out of reach.

Then there's Papers, Please, which I have. That game is completely beautiful in every single way, but I can't put it on my list because A: it's too hard to compare to anything else, and B: I haven't finished it! That game crushes my soul and stresses me out, resulting in very short sessions with it. Normally I would think that's a bad sign, yet I can't help but completely adore that game for being something completely unlike anything else, and doing it WELL. It's great gameplay! It's fun! This decision's a toughy! So it's a good thing I created that rule about only listing games I've beaten!

But, despite those glaring omissions, I couldn't be happier with my list! Everything below is completely fantastic! 2013 was a pretty righteous year for video games! And most of them are on the 3DS! Go figure!

List items