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Yes! Now...please, oh please just release The Simpsons arcade game and the holy Konami Beat-em-up trinity will be complete.

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@WilliamRLBaker said:
yep remember folks there are huge ad's that lead to nothing on xbox live, they cover the screen, keep you from doing any thing easily pepsi, mc donalds, toyota...ect *shakes head* Atleast be realistic. "

Something tells me that you hear people say "I'm just joking!" a lot.
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This how I envision the future of XBox Live...

...and that's with a gold membership.
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Would you look at that. Stuff that should've been in the game in the first place that might've helped it seem more like a sequel instead of a practical carbon copy of the first game.

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Considering how many video game podcasts are already out there to download for I would not.

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So now instead of me having an interest in getting NBA Jam for my I don't give a damn. Good marketing strategy EA!

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I just need one more friend and I will have Viva La Revolucion.

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After my experience with PC games, the limitations of console game making "games" just isn't good enough.

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I posted earlier saying that I wasn't having many issues with RDR...what a difference a few hours makes. I couldn't get into any normal free roam sessions. Every one I did get in...a total of two...was glitched and just had people spamming gang hideouts for easy XP. I couldn't even do any of the new co-op missions. It would just get stuck on the loading screen. I even had it crash to the dashboard at one point when I tried to switch from one hardcore free roam session to another.
So yeah...this is pretty fucking terrible.

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@AssassinOfSouls said:
" @fwylo said:
" Oh Rockstar how you've failed us. "
wow you get a free dlc and you say that? talk about being fucking ungrateful.
Why should people be grateful for something that breaks their game exactly? It's one thing if it worked and people bitched and moaned about it not having enough content...but this is screwing up some people's games...and that's not something you should be grateful for.
As for this topic...I haven't had any problems getting into online games...however I went to the Outfitter, but when I tried to load it I got stuck in a never ending load screen and I had to go back to the dashboard. This has never happened before I got this DLC.