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I have different classes, but the one I use the most...
Primary Weapon: UMP 45 with silencer
Secondary Weapon: AA-12 Shotgun
Equipment: Semtex and Stun Grenades

  • Marathon
  • Stopping Power
  • Ninja
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I'd rather know who came up with the Commando perk...or the genius who thought it was a good idea for noob tube grenades to be constantly replenished with One Man Army.

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 @Abyssfull said:

It's better off I'd say. Least now it may force people to try out the pvp modes. There's far too little players in there while there was whole squads who would just spam solomons folly ect. "

People shouldn't be forced to do modes they don't like. I mean people paid for this after all and if you are on a're also paying to be online. I am not a fan of the competitive modes...they all feel poorly designed. I like Free Roam however...and this XP gimping of hideouts was unnecessary.
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@Shadow:  River Raid is coming next start getting happy.
As for this week's line-up...there's only one game that has my attention and that's Demons To Diamonds.
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If you ask me (and nobody did...but if you had) I think mascots should come with the games all of the time. You could unlock them after getting all gold medals in each game. But Microsoft loves yeah.

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@fox01313 said:
"Pretty sure that's all of them for this week, time pilot makes the first cross-over title from XBLA. "

No...that's not true. Scramble, Centipede, Tempest, Battlezone, and possibly others were already available on XBLA.
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I don't know if I would say it's broken...but it's douchebag friendly. The commando perk, or as my friends and I call it...the Halo perk, is ridiculous.  Danger Close mixed with One Man Army and infinite grenades for noob tubes is terrible (As that one guy showed in a earlier post with that video). The heartbeat monitor is basically a camper's wet dream. 
And I agree it seems dumb to reward people who are already kicking ass the ability to kick more ass easier with killstreak rewards. At the very least kills earned during killstreaks shouldn't count towards your next reward. You should actually have to kill people with your gun to get it. Kind of  like how care package/emergency air drop rewards don't count.