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All my characters are named Tungsten, because it is my favourite element. When Tungsten doesn't fit, I take out the vowels and go with TNGSTN.

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It's a great game, but it's absolutely nothing like Windjammers. I don't know where you got that from.

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I've watched this anime two or three times, but it was a while ago. I do remember being super impressed by the ending, though. It's just so out there, and you don't really get that sort of ending from any sort of media, but especially anime, which usually relies on weird Deus Ex Machinas to make things come together. I think the idea of "bad endings" of games being actually bad or punishing, instead of just "haha your guy's evil you're kind of a jerk but whatever you win" is really interesting. It's a real weird space though, because games are always trying to reward you for just getting through them, so being punished once you "beat" the game would be weirdly dissonant. It seems like it would only work in visual novels or adventure games, where the point is the moral choices and not the skill involved in completing the game.

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I live in Vancouver. Canada in general is pretty good about all sorts of LGBT stuff, and Vancouver especially seems to be one of the more progressive areas. I know a lot of people in that community here and there always seems to be a ton of good shit going on. Plus it's in Canada, which is the best place to be. Expensive as hell to live around here, though. Good luck with everything, Emma!

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I also live in BC, and this is way more surreal for me since I learned about Barkerville for years in elementary school. I love everything that has come out of this.

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I agree with everything you said. Long live the Bomb.

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I really love the new trend of game characters taking selfies. I will never not find that hilarious. I've been thinking of getting a Wii U soon. It's so cheap! While Nintendo as a business seems a bit weird right now; I still think they have a great approach to game design in general, and consistently enjoy their games. I'll probably pick one up later this year. I actually really enjoy the "New Super Mario" series. They're a bit floaty but overall they play well and look real cool (though the music is pretty bleh).

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I love the TF2 Bombcast Animations. They just crack me up like nothing else. Thanks for featuring my blog, also! I appreciate the alluring alliteration you used to accentuate the description :D

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Wow I didn't know about the guitar. I spent the whole game using the weapons you get from those tedious Psychic Spot side missions. "Great great amazing great shot amazing."

Yeah, the guitar is real weird to get, in that it is meant to be temporary. You get it during a side quest, and then are expected to give it back to finish the quest. However, you can just kinda keep it forever and it's one of the strongest weapons in the game.

Dude, you forgot about those midnight demon dogs!

I was gonna include a bit about them but couldn't fit it in naturally. But yeah, those fuckin' demon dogs. Apparently you can kill them using the RPG, but I never did it. I'm pretty sure they just disappear when they die though so it's not that exciting.

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Your article make me want to both play this game and rewatch some of the endurance run. great work!

Thanks! The main idea of this series is to pique people's interest in the game, because I think it does some really cool things, and even when they fail it lays some interesting groundwork for other game's to follow up on. Unfortunately, most people just saw the game as a joke. It's certainly a goofy, funny, dumb game, but I honestly believe there's a lot more to it.

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Games are weird because they have grown up with the internet, while other mediums had very different histories in terms of their criticism and journalism. While all industries have the weird, clickbait-y style of journalism, they all have traditional coverage; namely, because there is an actual tradition for it. Game journalism existed for such a short time before the internet that it seems to have evolved entirely along with it, leading to most coverage being weird clickbiait. Weirdly enough, it's only in the past few years, when this style of coverage has grown increasingly popular, the people have started treating games with enough reverence to write long-form critiques and discussions about them. Personally, I feel like there is no reason for me not to believe that games "criticism" will continue to grow and become more mature as the medium continues to mature, but as for how people will get paid for it, I have no idea. Patreon is an interesting concept, but it's still hard to see if it's sustainable, or actually makes sense outside of a pie-in-the-sky dream. What it really comes down to, I think, is that people still don't know how to monetize the internet, and games journalism is temporarily a victim of that. Ads do not distinguish between quality content and filler, and therefore everything is filler. I think that as people begin to understand the internet more, there will be more space for game critics and journalists to make a living off doing just that. At least, I hope so.