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Holy shit. My thread made it onto the spotlight! Thanks @zombiepie! That's so cool! Is it OK if I bump it then cause there's a few comments I'd like to respond to, but nobody has commented on it for over a day.

I think it's perfectly fine to respond to old threads, as long as you are contributing to the discussion and not just saying something inane to bump the thread.

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Happy to be on here again! It's been a very long time since I've written anything on Giant Bomb. Excited to get back into it.

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Sounds like Shouji Meguro is still doing the music, so I'll definitely try to get my hands on the soundtrack, even if the game doesn't really interest me. Love that guy.

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Still haven't beat Ocarina of Time. I probably played hundreds of hours of that game as a kid, but I've still never finished it. Got to the spirit temple about six years ago and that's the farthest I've ever been. As a kid I was just too dumb to beat it, but I dunno why I gave up the last time. One of my favourite games of all time. It'll be weird when I do finish it though because I've been playing that game my entire life.

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I'm with you, man. I love NGE (I've seen it 4 times in like 2 years), but I found the Rebuilds to be huge disappointments. They just have so much less time to dwell on things like the original series did with all it's long drawn-out silent shots and other nonsense. The Rebuilds are just struggling to fit a whole bunch of plot into a very short amount of time so it's hard to develop the characters in the way the series did. Also they seemed to spend a lot of time with the new American girl who is the worst.

@ryuku_ryosake: That's an interesting opinion on it, and might explain why I disliked 2.22 so much :P. Maybe the 3rd will pull me back in?

Right now I'm just content watching the original series over and over. Probably my favourite TV show of all time (which isn't saying much as I haven't watched many television shows.)

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Giving away two copies of my favourite game from last year :D


I figure it's the kind of game most people wouldn't buy, but might try if they get it for free. It's definitely worth a play! Ends on the 27th :D

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I bought Rocksmith, even though I don't have my guitar right now, it's missing a string, and I don't have the cable. It was 15 bucks!!!!

I also bought Metro 2033+Last Light, Stalker: Clear Sky, and The Last Express for 17 bucks. Good deal!

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Starcraft 2. I've been playing for like 3 years now and have like a bajillion hours playing and even more time spent watching pro matches. It doesn't feel like I'll ever tire of it.

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It means consider the privileges and advantages you have in life based on your sex, class, race, age, etc. and understand that not everyone has the same advantages as you. It is used to try to incite empathy, but generally the person being told takes it as a personal offence and just retreats farther into their own bubble. Then again, a lot of times it is just used for the sake of being snarky to people who are innocently ignorant of certain issues, instead of actually engaging them. Other times, it is just a joke people say on Tumblr as a sort of self-mockery of Tumblr's progressive equality-based attitude.

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You're actually so right. That game was awesome.

Also bumping is against the rules here.