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" @ThatFrood said:
" I dunno man, our GB tournaments are pretty low-barrier to entry and not very intimidating already! I don't know how well the gb community could bare another tourney on top of our already usual monthly one, not to mention one that is more regular. A sort of organized game night is feasible, though. Maybe once per week. I don't know who would organize it, I haven't been in contact with the usual GB starcraft stuff organizing crowd for awhile. I know they're all really busy now with exams and preparations for summer, though. Once things clear up on their schedule I imagine there will be more involvement by them in organizing gb starcraft community events! "
In the stream over the weekend someone told me he got in 7th as a gold player, which was quite inspiring.  There's still this psychological barrier to entry for me, but I guess you never know til you try. "
I'm Bronze and entered in the last one. Yeah, I lost 2 games in a row and then was out, but it was still fun, and there's nothing to lose by playing. Just try it, you might end up winning a few, or finding some new practice buddies :P
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I usually play Zerg, but can also play Protoss pretty well. I want to get better at Terran so I can Random, but I just don't have the passion to play a lot of games as Terran. I wish there was a Random button for just Protoss/Zerg :P.

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Ketchup, obviously.

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" @ThatFrood said:

"Jesus, he still says "h to the usky"?
It's interesting to me how some casters get better the longer they do it while others continue to languish in mediocrity. "
Wait, there are people who dislike Husky? Blasphemy! Husky is a total baller!
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Yeah, they're big fans, and have even advertised their stuff here as well.

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I think this is a good idea, and I would participate in both. I'm still Bronze right now, so it would be good to have one where I actually have a chance. Mikus #558 on NA server.

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I listen to happy music so I feel better.

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17th Place Tie! YESSSSSSSSS. It was still fun playing those games; I can now see the differences that spread Bronze players and Diamond players apart. I'll definitely be trying to do a bit better next time (only a bit, 13th place tie would be fine with me :P). 

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I'm gonna hold off signing up until the morning; I'm still not sure if I'm going to be able to wake up.

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Zero Punctuation occasionally. 

I used to watch AVGN, not so much anymore though.