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It's my "Most Visited" (Chrome).
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I seem to have quit by accident recently. I was doing really well, and then after a couple bad games I started only playing team games. And now, for the past couple weeks I haven't played at all. I'll probably get back to it at some point, but right now I just haven't really felt like playing.

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I love this kid. Nice video.

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How dare you call us defensive! You dick-monger! You are just too old to understand us! I bet you hated D&D back in the 80's too! How did that work out, fuck-face!?

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If I was addicted to video games, I would be the worst addict ever. I have started playing games less and less recently.

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@Video_Game_King@supermike6: Guys, you are upsetting nintendoeats.  He wouldn't say this himself, but he would rather you two talk about the topic at hand.  kthxbai.
Ack! Way to post that while I'm in the middle of writing a counter-argument! SORRY NINTENDOEATS!
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@supermike6:   But still, I don't like that approach, for reasons I've already mentioned. If you form an opinion before playing the damn game, then what's the point of playing the game? I guess using that strategy for a favorable opinion makes sense, but I'm thinking from a reviewing perspective.  You enjoyed Sonic Unleashed? I couldn't even enjoy an LP of Sonic 2006, and I'm the type of person who ironically likes Takeshi's Challenge (it's the proto-I Wanna Be the Guy). How the hell could you derive joy from a game about a werewolf hedgehog?
Yeah, I'm not looking at this from an objective review perspective, I'm looking at it from a "Hey, let's have some fun playing vidya games!" perspective. I don't enjoy doing things that aren't fun, so I try to make my games fun in some way or another. Also, I'm pretty sure the key to my liking Sonic Unleashed was that it was midnight, I was super bored, and I turned the audio down to zero and listened to the Bombcast. Even then, I only got a couple hours of enjoyment before the game decided it did not appreciate me having fun, and needed to stop that as soon as possible. 
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Ugh, my media arts class is the bane of my existence. I am only in it because I need it to graduate, but I'm probably going to end up failing and taking another art class next year. I'm looking to buy Dirt 3 tomorrow; I wanted to play Dirt 2 but had no money at the time, but right now I have managed to save OVER 200 DOLLARS, which means it is time for me to waste it all on video games.

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I like this idea.  I feel like talking about player's shaping their enjoyment of a game would be pretty interesting, because it seems like a lot of people just go into games trying to nit-pick and hate for some strange reason that I don't really understand. I think it's better to go into every game trying to enjoy it, because it's way more fun that way. Of the three, that is definitely the most interesting one, as the Silent Hill one to me seems a bit silly and regenerating health has been talked about a lot before.
No, both approaches are bad. If you go into a game hating it, you end up being Yahtzee, hating everything that comes your way for no damn reason; if you go into a game loving it, while that would make more sense, you'll end up being a Newgrounds user, praising the worst shit for no reason. Go into a game with no expectations and let your opinions develop over the course of the game.  A question I'd like answered is, "what the hell's wrong with anime?" I've seen people hating on it in the forums, saying things like "you actually LIKE that stupid anime bullshit?", but I never understand where they're going with that. What's wrong with anime?
I never said I don't have the capacity to dislike games. A lot of games I will go into trying to have fun, and the game will just shut me down and make me sad. But, a lot of the time I can have fun with bad games I have bought through terrible mistakes. I still realized they are bad; I'm certainly not going to walk around saying Sonic Unleashed is a good game, but I've gotten more enjoyment out of it then someone who actively tries to hate it. And I agree with you, there is nothing wrong with anime; I don't know why so many people are dicks about it.
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@nintendoeats: Well, I'll stick with that one then :P. Seems like a fun thing to discuss.