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I absolutely loved the show, and I would consider the movies something to watch after having already seen it, if you're going to watch them at all. The movies don't flesh out the characters as much, don't explain things as well, and the new things they add are kinda shit in a lot of ways. Also, by the third movie, the plotline has diverged completely from that of the original show. I would recommend watching the original show if you actually want to see what everyone's raving about. And then once you're finished, consult a wiki to fill in the gaps.

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Proteus takes about an hour, and is among my favourite games from this year.

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I've definitely fallen off the K-pop train pretty hard after getting way into it in 2011, but IU is the one artist I still listen to. Nice to see she's still doing good. I do appreciate that K-pop led me to my two of my favourite rock bands ever, Peppertones and Loveholic, though.

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I hope he cleaned up that mess afterwards.

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For the last 5 years, almost every week Ryan introduced the podcast that was the highlight of my week countless times. The Bombcast and Giant Bomb made me feel welcome during my entire high school career; giving me a place to belong when I couldn't in school. Over the years, I've grown up a lot with Giant Bomb always there. The Bombcast won't be the same without all 4 of my favourite duders, but I know they can pull through and put out more amazing content. I appreciate everything Giant Bomb and Ryan Davis have provided me over the years; my condolences to all his friends and family.

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@fancysoapsman: I second that suggestion. The best 3-dimensional Picross simulator on the market today.

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So, are peeps diggin' the new Oreimo? I watched the first episode and haven't really felt like keeping up, even though I really liked the original series.

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I used to be super into K-pop for about half a year, but I fell off the wagon hard. The only musical group that carried for me was Peppertones, who aren't K-pop, just Korean Indie Rock.

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You are the Big Daddy!!!!!!!

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This is my favourite place to write dumb stuff about video games. Lots of you guys are jerks, but at least you're jerks that I can recognize. I don't post here much anymore though; the negativity of these forums can really get to me, even if it is better than other sites. I still like posting dumb stuff though.