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Anxiety is pretty terrible, and I appreciate that a lot more public figures are talking about it nowadays (or maybe it's just a weird thing where a bunch of people I happen to follow on the internet are talking about it more). My girlfriend suffers from anxiety and panic attacks and they can be pretty scary. What worries me is how they can cut off opportunities in your life with the way they make so much of life seem terrifying. While it's obviously not good to hear that people suffer from these problems, it's good to see people providing positive examples of how they can be addressed and showing how they don't have to stop you from doing things you love. So, yeah, thanks Alex. You are cool.

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I can only draw robots, but I can write all sorts of different things. Therefore, I'm a writer. I write stuff here, I write stuff there, I write stuff everywhere.

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I was swayed by the advertising on the bombcast, so I started watching Polar Bear Cafe. What a weird show.

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Looks pretty cool! I skipped Skyward Sword but I'm pretty excited about this one. Seems like they are on the right track.

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Turned it on just in time to see Jeff lose. A sad day across the world of trends and video games.

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@rollingzeppelin said:

@liquidprince: I dunno, I haven't been following this game. I just think 16 GBs is not that big of a deal. My browser tabs often take up at least 10GB or RAM so I just think 8GB of RAM is kind of small for an advanced PC user like someone who has (or wants to have) the capability to play modern PC games.

Not trying to flame or anything, but how the heck do your browser tabs take up 10GBs of ram?? Wouldn't that be like 100+ tabs? I've been playing games and usin' bunches of tabs on my PC over the last few years on 4GBs of RAM and I have never really run up against that limit. Not being a jerk; really genuinely confused.

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I too bought Smash Bros at the end of term to help myself cope with finals. It's certainly quite good for that! I haven't played much of the online, but I have been enjoying it a ton more than the 3DS version, which felt pretty lackluster. Dr. Mario is definitely one of my favourite characters, and I cannot get the feel of Wii Fit Trainer at all. With such a huge roster, it's increasingly difficult to have even a basic grasp of every character. I also find the roster choices questionable. 5 Fire Emblem characters is excessive, and 3 Kid Icarus guys? Do people really care about Kid Icarus? I dunno. I love that Dr. Mario is back of course but god I miss the Ice Climbers. They were so dumb.

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I just got a Wii U too!! I got Smash bros and Mario 3D World, and I'm loving them to death!!! So good! Looking to get Mario Kart 8 and Toad Tracker soon, and I'll probably end up picking up Hyrule Warriors, Wonderful 101, and Bayonetta 2 eventually. Really happy with my purchase; definitely the console that most appeals to me this generation.

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I think the story looks pretty interesting, but oh god Chris Pratt is just awful in that role. He's playing the Goldblum role but with zero style or charisma. He's just being a classic smart-ass dude-guy with gun. I thought the trailer was really cool until he showed up.