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Nearly every negative comment I see in this thread is an embarrassment.

It's like they hate fun.

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That was crazy. You're really good.

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It's pretty good, but I'll always prefer short haired brad.

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@doskias said:

That Suicide Squad animated film that came to DVD a little while ago seemed like it was directly aimed at teenagers. It had little to say other than "HEY GUYS DO YOU LIKE SEMI-NUDE HOT CHICKS, SWEAR WORDS, AND EXPLOSIONS? WE HAVE SO MANY OF THOSE!!!" Somehow I get the feeling this movie is aiming itself at the same audience, and that audience would probably think those tattoos are pretty cool.

I'm a teenager and I think it's fucking dumb.

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I signed up. PSN: xDarkAssassa1nx GB: supermonkey122 Challonge: supermonkeygiantbomb. Probably playing Kitana or Kenshi. Also, my Challonge name sounds like it would be a really cool anime. Saturday during the day (11am- 7pm-ish) I'll be free. Sunday I'm free all day. Let's go.

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Whoever wins, we lose.

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Hell yes

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Figured out this one with Royal Storm Kitana: Triangle, Square, Triangle, Fan lift, Fan throw, Uppercut

The Uppercut isn't necessary, as you can kombo into an X-ray, or her Square, Square, Square kombo as well. Does about 30% I think. With the X-Ray it does about 36%.

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xDarkAssassa1nx US, East Coast. I've been playing Kitana, Cassie Cage, and Kenshi. I'm pretty good against my friends but I get destroyed online.