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That's a nice advert, not annoying and gets the message across in a funny and informative way.

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Enjoy the hols!

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Hey guys. I thought it'd be cool if we could gather together all of our image wizards at Giant Bomb to create an image worm. This is where you make a long, worm-like image out of lots of smaller images. Please make your image around 216px × 295px. I wont make the start, I'll let someone else. Let's see this!

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You can buy a lot of merchandise for games nowadays, but I'm wondering what your stance on it is? Do you only buy merchandise for games/franchise you really like, or does it not matter to you, do you just buy it for whatever? Or none at all? Let me know your views.

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The image tool needs these changes as soon as possible to keep my sanity and time in tact.

  • Select a group of images and put them all into a folder at once. None of this dragging each individual picture nonsense. I should be able to select all of the images and drag them into the folders I want. Four, five clicks at most.
  • Assign an image a folder from the individual viewing page. Going back to the image grid page, finding the image and then dragging it into the folder or the bin is such a pain.
Thank you.
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You think you can multi-task? Prove it by playing this game where it keeps adding more games to it over time, all of which you have to control at once. Suffice to say it's pretty hard. Give it a shot.

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New game mode KING OF THE HILL where one team has to defend the capture point for three minutes, along with a brand new map designed just for it, and two adjusted arena maps.  Can't wait to get playing on that snow map, looks awesome.