Giant Bomb in a comic page

I'm putting together an art portfolio to show off my work to comic book companies, and this page I was doing required track-suit thugs, so...

I used Dr. Tracksuit and Undercover Cop Brad Shoemaker from the hit TV series "Cop Show"

You can see the other two pages from the sequence here but this is the only one with them in it.

Edit: Should have mentioned here I guess! These are characters from Marvel's current Hawkeye series. I talk more about that at the link above as well.


The Composite Duder

So...I made a terrible decision. I thought it would be a NEAT idea to create a face by overlaying all the Giant Bomb staff's faces on top of each other and seeing what the result was. After a bit of editing to make the image smoother here is the....result...

I regret my actions, but I still felt like sharing.

People used: Jeff, Ryan, Patrick, Brad, Drew, Dave, Rorie, Vinny, Alex