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I've added a bunch of you but anyone please feel free to add me, I'm on quite a bit. Just looking for some people to game with as I'm coming over from the 360. I just got a PS4 for my 26th birthday.

PSN: superpapergun

Timezone: PST

Games: AC4, PS+ Games, Warframe, will definitely be getting Destiny and The Last of Us

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I've really been loving my 3DS XL since I got it last year. If you can't go without the Mario/Pokemon/Animal Crossing/Zelda games I would highly recommend a 3DS. Personally I've found much more on the 3DS than just those franchises; Ghost Recon, Fire Emblem, Theatrhythm and Shin Megami to name a few.

Sorry I can't speak to a Vita as I don't have one but I think the 3DS is a great investment and as far as I see it is only getting better. Good luck with which ever console you end up going with.

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Here is my personal list for some great games to at least check out on the 3DS;

Fire Emblem: Awakening


Picross E/ Mario's Picross

Super Mario 3D Land

Crimson Shroud

One (or both) of the Zelda Ages games

Mutant Mudds

Enjoy your new handheld and have some fun!

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I'm 24 and still haven't finished college. Moving with my girlfriend to a new city soon and planning on finishing up my GE and going for a BA in animation but that's a little ways off.

Don't stress man everyone goes through life at their own pace.

That being said I know exactly what it's like to be up at 3 am pondering my own life choices. Just don't think yourself to death.

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Lets watch a pro!

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SAWS! Great night of Halo 4 with all of you! Gold Team till the end.

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I'm always up for some custom games! gt: Deathphox

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I'm into it! So long as I'm available on Friday. Gt: Deathphox

West Coast North America

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Gt: Deathphox

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I'm on the fence about it now that the quick look for this game is out. I'll be getting an XL on Sunday and might get this or 3D Land. Choices..