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Bumping for the sake of getting this game more attention! 
Been playing for a few days now and already have 8+ hours logged, that is something I never do on handhelds.  
The first time I loaded the game I clicked on the first tutorial, I then finished the first tutorial and turned the game off. A few weeks later I picked it back up and blasted through the tutorials. I'm glad I did.
I agree about the story being hard to follow, its setup in a past/present style where a lot of people, places and events are being referred to. I don't have all the information about the characters figured out yet but I'll get there.
So far a bit confusing on the story but the gameplay is very unique and interesting. The art is also amazing. If your on the fence, or haven't heard anything about this game before, I definitely recommend checking it out

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Hell's March - C&C Music 
Lamb of God 
All that Remains 
As I lay Dying 
Pretty much anything from these guys is golden, expect a good deal of screams and growls though. 
Good Electronic music can have a similar affect as well.

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Yeah I can't wait for the QL!

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Smoked for a few years, I'm 22 now, I don't smoke regularly anymore. I'll have a cigarette if I'm drinking maybe..

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I would love to play an MMO designed specifically for a console..  
Twisted Pixel is such a good name for a studio..

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@SlasherMan: Yeah I don't think the monthly cost is all that much, 5$/month if I remember correctly. 
The prices are something that will evolve with the newly crafted market for this kind of service. Any price would feel a little odd because no one has done something like this before and were not comfortable with how this all works. Something like a higher monthly fee (15-20$/month) for not having to "Buy" the games, and just being able to fully play all of them, would make sense as a viable option to me. 
But like I was saying this isn't really for me, at least not yet in such an early stage. I'm excited to see this grow and interested at the directions other companies take things.
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Long live Valve and Bioware! 
Also Rockstar is good too... <>

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Awesome work on the video sir! 
As for OnLive I can see this being a great alternative to putting money into a machine that, down the road, you'll just have to keep putting money into. With that said it still looks like there is much progress to be made with this service. This reminds me a lot of what Mr Davis was talking about in one of the E3 podcasts about being in a very early stage of this technology(When he was referring to the 3DS and 3D tech for PS3). I can definitely see a future where a service such as OnLive is a primary means for some to play games, though I will most likely not be jumping on the band wagon for quite some time.. I like me some hardware! 
Again great video Hamst3r. Thanks for the, dare I say, Quicklook of OnLive?