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I really can't wait for FF13... Its going to be conjoined to my console for at least a month 
...and I enjoy this news

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Add me to your friends list. I'll be on tomorrow. 
GT: Deathphox

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Whoa there is a lot of talent here at Giantbomb!
A few of my pieces:   

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@Bald3rdash said:
" Ghost from MW2, that guy is fucking badass and Gaz was my fav from CoD 4 Also, I really liked the caretaker in A Crack in Time and Tenzin from Uncharted 2.  I wouldn't call them the best, but they were certainly lovable :P "
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Breaking up with my girlfriend. 
Learning about Natal. 
Watching Jeff play Tony Hawk: Ride 
Seeing Ninja Assassin for the first time 
Seeing Ninja Assassin a second time 
-Sorry to hear about your job dude. Good luck in 2010

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Yeah I'd have to say the iphone app video is my favorite. Though when the 2human video came out the site was fairly fresh, and it definitely set the tone for what is an awesome site. When I tell friends about Giantbomb I usually sit them down with the 2human video first... so maybe that says something.. 
Note: I think the Endurance Run as a whole was one of my favorite things ever in the world on earth to ever happen in San Fransisco on Giant Bomb.

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I watch the killcam unless I just died from a grenade or a predator missle which just tend to frustrate me.. I try to be smart and see what weapons the other team are using and how they saw me..

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Duder, I'm in the same boat! 
GT: Deathphox 
I'll send you an invite tonight.

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Hm.. I like to jump..

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I don't see why news reporters still try to talk about video games as if they know what they are talking about. Its when the journalists from video games sites start to panic about shit that we need to be worried..
Also I really hope all these leaks with MW2 stop.. there is going to be nothing left to be surprised about soon..