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How were indie games ever made before kickstarter? To hear a lot of these indie game developers on kickstarter, they seem to have no idea how to make a game without getting crowdfunded. Then again, most projects on kickstarter are creatively bankrupt excuses for games that would not meet with success any other way. I mean this with no offense to the OP, I'm just talking about the overall pedigree of developers pitching their games on the site. That might be a very good reason why nobody pays attention to kickstarter anymore.

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Tokyo Jungle is pretty cool. That being said, I have not played Hell Yeah! and have no real interest in doing so.

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Quebec, Canada.

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I just clicked something at random. I'll skew the shit out of your data. Besides, I love 'em all.

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Where's the Wii U option?

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I recently made up a list of 50 games that I own that I'd like to complete. SInce I started the list, I've already been able to tick off 3 games. Steady progress.

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As a French-Canadian, I should weigh in on this. Well, my mom is english so you wouldn't be able to tell what my mother tongue is anyway, not that it matters. I grew up in rural Quebec, where little to no english is spoken. There are small pockets of english communities here and there, but nothing more.

Here it's the other way around. English classes are taught from 3rd to 10th grade, and even then the level at which it is taught is quite poor. For this reason, many french canadians write as well in english as other posters have done in french. I actually attended both elementary and high school in different french and english schools, so I'm equally proficient in both languages. However, I'm a part of a very slim minority. You will be very hard pressed to find anybody who are perfectly bilingual. By this I mean people who speak both french and english accentless and can read and write perfectly.

I actually think it's quite a shame that people don't put in as much effort to learn another language. It makes it that much easier to learn more afterwards. Then again most people bashing on french were from the west, and we all know how they are... (Oh no he didn't!)

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@InfiniteGeass: You know, sometimes you just gotta do what you feel is most suitable and not worry about negative outcomes. You have to go out into the world and experiment with the possibilities life has to offer. Degrees don't mean shit if you don't have the drive and the attitude to succeed.

I'm currently taking a year off before going from college to university, but it's because I know exactly what I want to do. I got a decent job as a juice maker and founded an indie game studio with my friend. Over the course of the year I plan on going to trips around the world with the money I make as well as save up for an apartment in the city near the university I will be attending. I definitely want to go back to school because I feel it is the best place for me to grow intellectually and to express myself artistically, but for now I'm very happy where I am.

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I could become a programmer sure, but I think I'll need a CS degree of some kind to make that happen and there would be no way for me to really just make my own games since I can't draw or do sound types of things.

You don't need a degree to learn skills. You just need to be interested in a topic and study it extensively. That's how I learnt Spanish and Piano. You also seem to be giving up on it before you even try. My advice is to just try making a game. There's nothing holding you back but your fear of failure.

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I think internet video ads are just broken in general. The few times I watch something on youtube, I keep getting random japanese baseball or olympic-related commercials. I also got a few french movie trailers but that makes a bit more sense.