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@BraveToaster: Well I don't know how much it cost to make those things, considering its £3 each and there paying the post and packaging plus the cost of the store, I don't know, doesn't seem to profitable.

Are you kidding? Pins like that cost pennies to manufacture, pennies to post, and pennies to store. I bet his biggest overhead is the cost of maintaining the website. He's probably looking at margins of at least 50%.

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My problem with this is that you are not receiving any recognition for your achievement. Rather, you are actively seeking out recognition for it by paying someone else money to show off what you did. It's impossible to gauge if one even merits to wear a badge. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the boy scouts you were given a badge as a token of recognition and a symbol of merit for a specific skill or task from the organization. By stripping the whole aspect of recognition by an outside party, these badges just look sad and stupid.

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It is massively multiplayer. I don't see that there can be any debate about this.

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If this technology really did what they said it did, its impact on games and civilization as a whole would be so profound that they could literally call up any venture capital firm in the world and get as many millions of dollars as they needed for nearly no equity.

However, I still only see 6 suckers who parted with 339$ on their "kickstarter" page.

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If there's still room I'm totally down.

GT: superpow93

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The article says the album was inspired by desert strike: return to the gulf, not operation: desert storm, which was the name given to the US invasion.

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All of this... this is the best!

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How were indie games ever made before kickstarter? To hear a lot of these indie game developers on kickstarter, they seem to have no idea how to make a game without getting crowdfunded. Then again, most projects on kickstarter are creatively bankrupt excuses for games that would not meet with success any other way. I mean this with no offense to the OP, I'm just talking about the overall pedigree of developers pitching their games on the site. That might be a very good reason why nobody pays attention to kickstarter anymore.

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Tokyo Jungle is pretty cool. That being said, I have not played Hell Yeah! and have no real interest in doing so.

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