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@voltan said:

Anything with Dan. Sometimes I force myself to listen podcast because it used to be my highlight of the week before Dan.

Why is that? The only thing I would change is having Vinny in the office with Dan and seeing how that would play out. Other than that, I have no complaints at all. Very funny, warm and talented.

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@frostyryan: I've gotten LASIK done, my eyes are better than 20/20 and I'm a designer by trade that needs a critical eye :p

Movies play at 24fps, I have no issue with them looking smooth, anything above that makes no difference as far as I'm concerned. Whenever I hear someone say "oh that game looks 30fps" or 40 or 50 or 60, those are the people I find crazy. Are they actually counting the frames? Now that's ridiculous.

It seems ridiculous that you can't immediately tell the difference.

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Not knocking you, but why pre order a season pass? It isn't cheaper currently (I assume)

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If you want to play Halo get an Xbox One

If you don't, get a PS4

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Worrying about the story in Destiny seems odd to me.

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Can anyone tell me how close to the end Drew and Dan are to the first one? Want to watch it before I jump into the HD collection for myself as I don't feel I can go back and play it.


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So maybe I'm blaming the wrong thing, but sometimes I get the feeling a fair chunk of people are using things like the CronusMax.

Things of that ilk basically allow people to use keyboard & mouse to play console games, Destiny included. So just puttin' it out there, if you feel certain people are just getting a bead on you a *little* too quickly, things like this do exist and there are no current easy ways of detecting them.

Thats some first class denial

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All games have one hit kill shotguns.

By far my biggest gripe with the game is the hunter special. Overpowered in the extreme.

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I've only just realised I was in the white all along!

Feels like old GB again.