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Just get a taxi, then you can both drink

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I've got two 18 year olds that have been with me since I was 5. Sucks to even think about it.

Sorry for your loss.

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ND for every generation. Resistance and Ratchet and Clank do nothing for me, while Spyro was a few steps behind the ND Crash games.

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I thought it would be the next MP shooter that everyone would play. Turns out the last time was with Gears 2...

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I want to play the game how it was intended, not artificially harder to elongate things.

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How old are you? It all reads like a 12 year old sneaking away from his parents, but that doesn't make much sense.

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What do your friends back home play? Thats the console I would pick.

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Sure, no reason to wait. The consoles have no major problems and the HDDs are upgradeable whenever you like.

The question you are asking is, how much will the console decrease in price between now and when some more games come out. I can't see it being an amount you are angered by, so there is no reason to dawdle.

Im working my way through Infamous now after not enjoying the first. Such a stunning game to look at, and rather fun to play. If you look for games to play, the PS4 has plenty.

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