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Bad Neigbhours - 6/10

Seems harsh to give it any lower, but it was a disjointed mess. Funny in parts, self indulgent in others.

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How out of the loop am I to not know who she is?

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@quarters said:

@supersambo said:

@quarters said: You need to play more games.

Perhaps I just generally choice my games wisely?

Eh, maybe. I guess just off the top of my head, I think The Evil Within starts out infinitely worse. Heck, even going back a little further, though the little prologue thing is decent, I think the Museum level in Uncharted 2 is a completely crap first real level. However, I guess that goes against the spirit of "beginning" a little bit. To each his own, I guess.

I loved the beginning of The Evil Within! Then the village area came...

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The game's story seems kinda interesting, but the gameplay is such a drag. Hearing that the parts of the story that you want resolved don't actually get resolved is making me think that I'll stop at chapter 4.

You need to play Boiling Point.

I have... kinda. First game I played after upgrading my PC way back when. All I can remember are game breaking bugs.

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@quarters said: You need to play more games.

Perhaps I just generally choice my games wisely?

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Holy fucking shit

This beginning has angered me in an unreasonable way. You are going to drown me for what feels like 10 minutes? This actually feels like torture. I have no ties to this character, I don't give a shit about his story or what he is going through.

Then, after you inexplicably overpower the guard and drown him with one arm, you are left hobbling around at the slowest pace imaginable, breathing in a way that cuts me to my core.

How do you start a game like this? It is mind boggling that this was considered a good way to go. I don't mind slow starts, but this takes it to a whole new level. Torture the player before they even know what the hell is going on?!

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It is almost as if the difference in name isn't the only difference between the two.

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Turtle Beach X41s.

Replacing them with a better headset would be too expensive, and they still work, so I don't see myself changing any time soon.