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Oof, 20 bucks? Maybe for 10 I would check that out. Hell, maybe 15. 20? That's a bit much isn't it?

Be honest, you wouldn't pay $10 either. I always find it weird when people start analyzing to exact amounts how much a game is worth to them. I can understand that in certain circumstances perhaps, but for me, 99% of the time I'm either interested enough to buy a game, or I pass. Even a dollar is too much to pay for a game I don't really want to play. I mean, right? Maybe it's just me. I do already own way too many games and am conscious of it, so perhaps that plays a part in my mentality.

It's a value proposition, and it's very much ingrained into our society.

Would you pay $20 for a McDonald's hamburger? I mean, either you are or you aren't interested in eating a McDonald's hamburger, so what does the price matter?

Would the problem here not be the fact that McDonalds are just spitting in your face at that price point?

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To me, no. RB and LB are horrendous on the Xbox One controller. It seems designed well, thought a bit small for big hands, but the bumper buttons are a huge oversight.

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Small changes all add up.

Commendable move by OKCupid.

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I turned on adblock cause the ads became so intrusive.

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It isn't an 'edition' then is it... Addition maybe.

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@adrian79: Ha, the comments in that article are hilarious. A struggling system is receiving a £30 drop in price and a different free game, and people are losing their minds!

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Ah right, thanks for the help. I have never liked Silverlight. Seems needless and cumbersome.

@mercutio123: Me too!

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Can't find anything about this online. On my laptop Netflix works fine, however on my desktop (mid 2010 iMac) Netflix makes the whole computer lag until I put it into fullscreen mode, when it runs perfectly.

I have tried uninstalling Silverlight and re updating, but it doesn't help. It has always been like this, but it doesn't seem to make any sense. It happens on all browsers that I have tested it on (Chrome, Firefox and Safari).

Any ideas on what is causing this?


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Yeah I'm not a fan of people. I think the internet is corrupting our behaviour in real life at an alarming rate. Basically, people are douches. Giant Bomb is one of few ports in the storm as far as I'm concerned.

In what way is it corrupting our behaviour?