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I'm seriously surprised by the amount of stupidity and ignorance raised in this thread and I'm only 3 fucking pages in. Get your shit together. Just because you're not directly affected doesn't mean it doesn't matter. Keep ignoring issues and soon you'll be faced with your own issue and no one to listen to your pleas for help. I understand that some of you are kids but did you learn nothing at all yet?

Whatever. Good on you Patrick for writing about something you care about instead of just monotonous bullshit all other websites do just to appease everyone.

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As a guy who used to live in Rhode Island, I'm not entirely sure that this isn't some ploy to look good for whatever reason. I'm not exactly sure if I'm on a side if any.

All I know is that there is a reason I left that god-forsaken state and got as far away from all of the people there as I possibly could (which granted is probably not far away enough). For now though, I don't have to worry that in 15 years my kids school won't just be a graveyard of dead extracurricular activities and a selection of candidates that are literally walking the fine line between complete idiot or corrupt asshole.

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Not sure how many of you guys are interested in the sound of this game, nor am I too sure if a thread has been made about this quite yet but the soundtrack is out and it is amazing! Check it out here:

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Well I was asking because besides the sometimes random streams GB does as staff, maybe we could have a separate channel where we watch some trust community members play the games they like. I think it'd be a cool idea, really. and I've added you on steam

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I've been looking into streams and while some of them are fun it feels like all these kids play is League of Legends or something. is there anyone here who streams regularly that I can tune into while I work? It would be much appreciated and also if this is in the wrong section or something I apologize.

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I personally left consoles because of the cheapness of PC games that would keep me entertained, also higher fidelity is great.

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@crazyleaves: Nah because they over exaggerate everything, I really don't think getting fear struck into me is going to help me get shit done.

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@Getz: God damn it. I really hate that shit. They do that here too. Bread and milk gone in minutes.

@ThePickle: God. NJ sounds horrible.