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Gamers want PS4 so we decided to make Xbox One like PS4.

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@frankiebeanz: At least they are being honest about this stuff. What the hell is Microsoft doing?

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MGS5 and Titanfall were the only good things shown and they aren't even exclusive. Capcom why have you ruined Dead Rising?

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@yadilie: If you can't see why we need more colourful game worlds with personality and charm instead of the endless onslaught of brown shooters then you are in the wrong hobby.

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Good article Alex. Though I wouldn't be surprised if many of the negative articles were just trolling for hits. Writers trying to get a slice of the viewer pie during a major few days for the industry.

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I still haven't played a single Wii U game because the overscan issue is so annoying. Get your crap together Nintendo.

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@Wuddel said:

Yeah, whats the point? At this time in the cycle?

Um that's exactly why they would do it.

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Play an action oriented game on a iPad? LOL!

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Still $200 too expensive. Yeah that's right they should pay us $90 to take it.

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@Hailinel said:

@SuperSonic1305 said:

@rebgav said:

@SuperSonic1305: At Comicon he said it would be ridiculous to pretend that [he hadn't] heard of Smash Bros and that he's fine with the comparison.

5:14 onwards

What does that have to do with anything? So now him acknowledging that Smash Bros exists means this is a rip off?

You wanted proof that Omar said such a thing. He gave it to you.

That was completely unrelated to what the other guy was claiming. Now how about you stop ignoring that video and tell us why this game is identical to Smash Bros so we can move on. Grow some balls and admit you are wrong.

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