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@zevvion: No, the doors of Pharos in the Rat area are for Ratbros to create traps and labyrinths for the players forced to invade their world.

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@zevvion: No, the doors of Pharos in the Rat area are for Ratbros to create traps and labyrinths for the players forced to invade their world.

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@spyder335 The only thing you can buy with cash is the gun itself. Certs are not purchasable outside of buying xp boots and gaining certs per the increased xp rate.

I've put in well over 200 hours in the game and to date have put in about $30 of Station Cash, and 3 months of premium membership (which gives you 500 SC per month). I've unlocked all the air guns I want, all the vehicle guns I want, all my MAX unlocks, and most of the infantry guns I want. I still have almost 1400 SC remaining. The key is to only buy things when they go on sale as pretty much everything will go on sale and is always 50% off.

As far as "Are the upgrades worth it?" If you're talking about guns, it all depends on your play style as all guns are side grades and have trade-offs that may work better with one player than another (clip size vs rate of fire vs recoil vs damage output vs range). If you're talking about the cert cost to upgrade a gun, unequivocally yes. Certs will allow you to stabilize recoil, put a better sight, change ammo types, add a grenade launcher, add a shotgun to the gun and really make it multipurpose.

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@chavtheworld Monster Hunter (at least none of the 3 PSP games) have lock on. If it had lock on, there wouldn't be such a known history for "the claw".

@jz From some of the videos I've seen, battles seem to take a really long time without much visual feedback from monsters on their state. They seem like raid bosses in WoW that go through a set series of animations and repeat. Am I completely wrong on what I've seen? I'm a big Monster Hunter fan and enjoy how the monsters react as the battle wears them down. The game does look good though, I'll pick it up regardless.

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Fantastic, this was exactly what I was looking for!

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Wife is out of town this weekend. Any moment I'm not studying for Adv Finance final on Monday I'll be in game. Let's blow some shit up this weekend Lucadeers!

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@ kadash299 if you press alt-f in game a frame counter will appear at the bottom left. Beside it, it will tell you specifically what is the bottleneck. That will directly tell you what you should troubleshoot.

I'm pretty sure you're going to see it's your GPU unless your quad core is an older model e or q. The 430 is a fantastic GPU for an HTPC (in fact the current de facto) and dx9 games but it does not have the memory nor cores to run PS2 efficiently. Due to how poorly optimized PS2 is, a 460 is about the baseline you'll need for solid fps at med settings.

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Hey, Thundernutz here. Superst3ve is the forum name. Looking forward to playing with y'all!

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Working full time and doing my masters part time has pretty much taken my big screen game time to an hour or two at most per week. I picked up a Vita around launch and have had an awesome experience with it. When I'm on lunch at work I can play console experience type games for up to an hour, same thing when I'm waiting for class to start after work. While that's not a lot of game time, the ability to pick up and put down makes getting into a game a snap, and over a week or two I'll pretty much beat a game.

So far, I've played through Uncharted, Rayman: Origins, Mortal Kombat, Resistance, 55+ hours in Monster Hunter FU, and about to finish up Gravity Rush. Then it's on to playing through Metal Gear 2 & 3 again with the new collection pack. There's an awesome amount of good portable experiences to be had on the Vita, and if it weren't for this system, I'd have no game time except for playing simple time wasters on my Android.

Edit: I completely forgot to mention points games like Lumines, Super Stardust, Tales from Space, and Motorstorm RC; all of which I still regularly play in attempt to stay atop the leaderboards with people on my friends lists.

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I'm excited for this game. I really enjoyed the first one when I was originally expecting to spend a few hours and move on. The first had a great charm of exploration and discovery in its world. There were no boundaries except for the ones created by your present lack of skill. Death came often if you didn't play with some pace, and the multitude of starting methods (classes) gave the game a decent replay value.

As long as the thrill of exploration is still available in 2 I will be very content spending 30 hours in its world.