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I just fought him. Didn't care for the fight much. My problem during the chase was that the first two times (I ran off a ledge on my second try before getting to stage 2 -_-) was that he always ran where he was supposed to go so I didn't have any idea of what the area layout was like or why he wasn't running where he was "supposed" to. After I got that figured out he only took a few tries as I had to learn how to dodge his AOE spell cause he would just spam the shit out of it, corner me, and wreck me.

I eventually found that when he starts the spell, get about 3-4 feet away from him and time a forward dodge into him as the spell shoots off. It worked every time I tried it.

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Only reason I know of this game

I have no idea what the game is about other than the above video. The screenshots on the PSN store page made it look like a card battle game and I'm not into that.

Yeah, like @riostarwind said, I'd be more likely to pick up MIND=0, but I just finished Demon Gaze and I don't really want more first person dungeon crawling right now.

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@samuraigarrin: @shamblertree: Added you two.

*Since I can't seem to place my original message above the reply I'll just paste it down here:

I know this is kind of dead but I've been trying to get a safari with ninetales in it. If anyone has that I'd love it if you could let me know.

Of course, I'll take anything safari as well. My zone is... psychic, I think.

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Heh. This is the best month of PS+ I've seen so far. All games I am interested in but haven't played and probably would never have purchased. Very lucky.

Now I have to make the room on my HDD to install them...

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@razielcuts: As if the 3DS isn't a "big boy" platform?

You get offended at the least little thing, dude.

I don't know. I've got this whole year to try out Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, so I'll find out eventually.

EDIT: Wait, do you need the circle pad pro for this?

You don't need the circle pad, but playing without it is pretty miserable.

Well, in that case, I'm probably not getting this game at all.

I logged 100+ hours in MH3U on the 3DS before switching to the Wii U. I would only classify it as miserable during underwater fights (and boy was it). As far as I know there are no underwater fights in 4, so yeah. While it is certainly not the best way to play the game, it is totally playable.

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Hmm... No way to say this without sounding arrogant, but I found MGR:R to be easy to a fault. Outside of the final boss fights the game offered no challenge on the normal difficulty. Zandatsu was a little overpowered in how easy it was to pull off on human enemies and any other enemy fills your health after you ended them with a zandatsu.

Also, it's not explained in the game (for obvious reasons) but you can spam the parry move to block everything (or pretty much everything), reducing all damage and is, as far as I remember, capable of cancelling from many attacks.