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Modest Destiny was hilarious. As well as Starship Destiny. And most of his stuff is pretty good.

Just the lengths he went to, to develop the world of Modest Destiny, was astounding. Even though you see a very small portion of this world, it still feels alive. And some of the twists he utilizes are pretty smart.

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@Atramentous: dammit i was gonna say that. XD

It's Arnold Schwarzenegger... come with him if you want to live.

9 to 10 it's probably going to be THE character named Hunk, that shadowy bastard they've been dangling through some of these threads. We'll probably finally find out who the hell he is and what his role in things is.

OR it's Steve Burnside... somehow.

OR Carlos from RE3

OR that one prisoner dude from RE0

OR Barry Burton. We need more Barry.

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@Mrsignerman44: Thank you, glad to know I'm not alone. XD

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@Kandycane2029: This. i'm talking about this.

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I really am getting tired of the sudden plague of "Hidden Object" games that have been infesting the PC gaming racks lately (and some sections of the Wii). WTF is this suddenly, that old Highlights magazine??!?! And what pisses me off the most is that it baits you in with a cool cover or title or premise that would be awesome as a point-n-click or some other game that actually has GAMEPLAY in it, (or effort) then that promise and awesomeness gets flushed down the drain when I look on the back (hoping to have found another point-n-click adventure game or something along those lines) and realize it's just a frikkin' Hidden Object game. And there's so many of them. It's annoying.

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I'd love to see Red Storm and Ubisoft tackle Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan character, without any movie tie-ins I mean. Either adapt one of his other Jack Ryan books (Cardinal of the Kremlin, Without Remorse, Debt of Honor, etc.) or a wholly new story. I'd personally see it done in a mixture of "Uncharted meets Alpha Protocol" with huge helpings of political intrigue, espionage, and whatnot.

Would just be nice to see Jack Ryan back.

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This wasn't a hugely epic series to begin with... save for the cartoon.

I'd love to see a sort of "Catch Me If You Can" meets "Arsene Lupin" type scenario.