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Nice to see you guys weight in on this, as the more backing the better, so these very unfortunate people know they have support inside and outside the industry.

Remember when video games were fun....wasn't that the best.

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@tvle83: No, I just grabbed the standard edt.

I think reviews are up at just after midnight, in the US anyway. Just home from work now, going to give a proper go after dinner. Updated the drivers yesterday and it seems to run fine now, so will play with the settings.

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AMD drivers for the game aren't out yet, so yeah it won't run great.

Cheers dude, hope that helps or I will grab it on the PS4. Will hopefully get some decent time with it tonight to check it out properly.

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Hey was out and about.

I bought my key from MMOGA if it makes any difference, as opposed to on steam or uplay direct.

I have not had time to play it more than a few minutes but I dropped the settings and it seems ok now.

I have 2 Ati Radeon HD 5800 cards hooked up. 6 gigs of ram and an Intel Core i5 cpu 670 at 3.47 ghz, pretty sure it is on my SSD drive as well.

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I am in Europe and after preloading the game yesterday, the download button was replaced with play. Just for fun I hit it, expecting to be told that it will unlock on he 27th but it boots up fine and you can play the singleplayer. Runs like garbage on my pc so will need to take a look at the settings. Just letting you guys know if you are getting it on pc.

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I wanted to grab it on the PS4 just to have something to play on it, and my big tv. However gamestop in Ireland want 75 euro and Smyths want 65. Grabbed it on mmoga for 38 euro on pc, which should run better if it is done as well as Assassins Creed 4.

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That was great dude, well done. Love the green screen shot.

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That was great dude, well done. Love the green screen shot.

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This is the first PS4 only game that has got me interested in buying the console, other wise I definitely not buy one this year. Will see what the reviews say and of course the quick look the guys do.

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MMOGA are selling "uncut" keys but I imagine you need to use a vpn to at least activate it, I am not really sure, also it is a little cheaper than buying direct from Steam.

As for VPN stuff, I have used it to play a good few games early and have had no issues so far, going back a good while now.