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in australia we call people "cunts".

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oh lawdy, that was funny.

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i dislike anything involving strength and weights. i'm more about cardio.

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i really liked sound city!

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the first one was a slick and entertaing action movie. i didn't venture any further though, supposedly the quality dampens in the sequals.

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i would like more in better quality. romance has always been a guilty pleasure really, but the characters have to be done right. mass effect for example, just never worked well in believability. shepard was a static brick in personality and the fact that any man/woman would see the appeal in romancing him/her just killed the immersion.

i can't remember enough games where romance was the prime motivator for the story. but i would like to see it become a thing.

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what a chump.

keep us posted on the result!

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it seems that a lot of people are unaware of the fact that mass effect 2 had an absolute horse-shit plotline and story concept.

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blue & gray. as a kid they were always the crayons i went for.

gray and blue make me think about rain, the ocean, sea creatures, waves, the city, space & astronomy; fog, storms and overcast.

and by blue, i refer to ocean blue, not sky blue.

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the skillful speedruns can be genuinely awesome at times; the ones who glitch it up are nothing but cockwhisks.