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district 9, definitely. not in a confronting way, just highly unpleasant throughout.

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i genuinely do not scared at most things, but on the rare occasion that i am, it's over the most strange & perculiar thing that i can't for the life of me explain. usually it's not involved in horror.

one thing, that i'll share:

there's a scene in a simpsons episode called 'krusty gets busted', where you see krusty without his makeup on looking coldly at the camera at the back of a police van. and the face absolutely traumatizes me. i want to look up a picture to showcase, but i'm just too afraid to look at it, it still terrifies me.

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depends. if they were doing it to gain an advantage in some sort of sport or competition (that isn't wwe), then i'd be pretty friggin' judgemental.

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jah. my 5 year old cousin likes "barbie: jet, set & style". fucking bitch.

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no order:

  • damnation!
  • far cry 2
  • modnation racers
  • duke nukem forever
  • final fantasy 13
  • heavy rain (because it wouldn't fucking work! it freezes everytime i open up crime scene, and takes 10 minutes to load up. i re-installed everything dozens of times and still the same result, i even replayed the entire game up to that part. and the same copy worked fine on my friends console. extremely unhappy with that outcome.)
  • brink
  • wall-e the game
  • naild
  • juiced 2
  • borderlands

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it sounds industrial and a bit gothic.

his lyrics can be fucking great sometimes.

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a gay one.

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@robocoke said:

ME2 being the best by far

sorry robocoke, but that is absolute cockwhisk!
it may be your favorite of the trilogy (which probably would've been the better thing to say), but it is in no way the best by far.

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my top 5 would have to be.

  1. mass effect 1
  2. uncharted 2
  3. grand theft auto iv
  4. saints row 2
  5. assassins creed 2

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I'm a soldier and in a week, I'd be able to afford the PS4 before sales tax but that's it.

Luckily I get all-expenses-paid trips to exotic eastern locales every 2-3 years to make up for the crummy pay.

i'm curious: how exactly is the soldier life? is it as fulfilling as the ads make it out to be? not that i'm ever planning to join, just wondering.