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@jeff Completely agreed on Mercenaries. 2 just wasn't the same. This and Bad Company 3 are my "c'mon EA! franchises.

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Was happy to see you address this Patrick, lots of people asking on twitter for comments and proper condemnation from the big sites.

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All of these special edition type packages are bound to be kind of dumb (Fallout 3 being one I give a pass to), but this one really stands out. Gaming has been growing up and becoming more diverse in who gamers are, but I think a lot of game marketers still think we're in the bad old days of things like BMX XXX.

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Yeah, Crossley has the reputation of being kind of pricey for not-that-great mechanics inside. Still, they are one of the few companies that still does portable players. I have a stanton USB turntable that has worked out very well, but as you're just getting into it, build a collection and keep an eye out for a good price when you get a chance.

Beastie Boy's Paul's Boutique is definitely a vinyl classic, as is Night at the Opera by Queen. I enjoy vinyl for odd music that never made its way onto CDs or tapes for that matter, often the kind you find in a goodwill's vinyl section. I'd definitely recommend checking thrift stores for records as these are less likely to be hugely marked up like you'd find at a dedicated record shop-though the condition might be a little rougher. You're likely to find a lot of Andy Williams, Christmas records and less-remembered hits of the 1980s but it's a lot of fun to paw through a possible thrift store treasure trove.

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I hope that they can re-capture the "serious but wacky" story that Vice city and San Andreas had. If you try making things to gritty and realistic, it makes the RPG blowing up helicopters thing seem wildly out of place.

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Wild Wild West. Spent a summer building it up to my friends, expecting a steampunk adventure. I didn't read the reviews because I didn't want to "spoil" it for myself. Turns out the movie was total shit. That's my bad.

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@Rincewind said:

THQ is going to ruin the Warhammer franchise. I think another developer should get a hold of it now and see what they can do.

I'd love to see a DICE made Battlefield 40K...

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I can't remember a game besides Saints Row 3 or Bastion that were able to wrap up and end in a satisfactory way. Even greats like Bioshock and Half Life 1 faltered at the end, I suppose ME3 is just following in those illustrious footsteps...

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Gonna have to try this, but isn't a 1/2 cup of flour a lot? Otherwise, it looks mouthwatering.