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River City Ransom and the Capcom D&D games are pretty much my favorite beat-em-ups of all time. Both Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara actually manage to capture the feeling of the tabletop game really well. Good visuals too, with detailed characters and some cool enemy designs. The optional Red Dragon in Shadow over Mystara still feels pretty damn intimidating. I was so happy when Iron Galaxy's compilation came out last year.

Retro Gamer had a pretty comprehensive article on the D&D games a few years back, which I wholeheartedly recommend. Capcom hadn't really worked with Western developers (in this TSR) before, so there was a bit of a culture clash. Alex Jimenez constantly had to negotiate with the two companies during development. For example: Capcom wanted to put a steamship in the game. TSR wouldn't allow it since that kind of technology doesn't exist in the Mystara setting. Jimenez explained this to the team in Japan, who tried to talk him into convincing TSR. However, this proved impossible, much to Capcom's disappointment. I think the article mentions a few more stories like it, so I should dig that up.

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You know, I almost did. Transistor unfortunately came out when I was superbusy finishing my bachelor's thesis. I played it and finished it during that time, but my mind was in a million different places at once. A friend reminded me two weeks ago that it did come out this year, and I felt kinda bad for forgetting about it. Definitely one of my Top 5 games this year though! Beautiful art and music, and very engaging combat (especially the final battle). The world could have been just a little bit more fleshed out, but that's a minor complaint.

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I really like Hardcore History. Dan Carlin is a great storyteller, and the historical events he chooses for the podcast are usually super-fascinating. The episode length (3-5 hours) might be a turnoff though.

Other than that I mostly listen to video game podcasts. If you want to hear about older games, both Retronauts and Watch Out For Fireballs are really good.

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Is it just me, or does Dan seem to be the Karl Pilkington of video game journalism?

Literally, I've had that exact same thought.

He said on Twitter that Pilkington reminds him of his dad.

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Either an original series, X-Files or Star Wars. I'd prefer Star Wars to be closer to the SCUMM style though, since Lucasarts themselves never made one.

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I wonder what will come out first: the next Elder Scrolls or the next Fallout?

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My ringtone is the old Apogee jingle.

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Teaser looks promising. I'm a little bit worried there will be way too much fanservice, but worse things have happened. Not a huge JJ Abrams fan myself, so hearing that Rian Johnson is directing Episode VIII gets me really pumped. I've loved all of his movies and his Breaking Bad episodes were so good.

Edit: Speaking of Breaking Bad, I would be really happy if Michelle MacLaren directs Episode IX.

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I didn't complete any of the first three before digging into Shadows of Darkness, and that worked out fine for me.

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"One way ticket to hell aaand back!"

Maybe The Darkness had some deeper meaning behind it, but that's not how a one-way ticket works, ya dummies!