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Citadels is an excellent card game with role selection and I wholeheartedly recommend it. Easy to get into and very replayable!

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A 3-second teaser for a (probably) short trailer that's still a month away. You so silly sometimes, video games.

That said, I'm looking forward to what they're showing at E3. Hopefully it's a substantial demo and not 5 minutes of super-scripted stuff. I sure hope this game turns out awesome.

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I've tried Marvel Heroes a few times over the past years. Diablo-style hack'n'slash games are not necessarily my favorite genre, but once in a while I feel like playing one. I had some trouble getting into this one though. I'm starting to suspect the problem is that I picked Storm as my starting character though. She's one of my favorite X-Men otherwise, but not much fun to play here. David Brevik was on USGamer's RPG podcast recently and talked about how the new heroes they're adding all have wildly different playstyles, so maybe I'll have more fun if I try playing as someone else. I just have to grind out some currency first.

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Axiom Verge, Bloodborne and Invisible Inc are definitely up there. Pillars of Eternity might be a contender, but I need to play more of it to know for sure.

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Saw three movies over the weekend.

Mad Max: Fury Road - Holy shit. I haven't had this much fun with an action movie since Pacific Rim. I'm just delighted to see that George Miller hasn't lost his touch. That guy knows how to direct a car chase and this movie is basically a 2 hour long car chase. Charlize Theron is badass and Tom Hardy is a great replacement for Mel Gibson. Go see it, if you haven't already.

Turist - Known as Force Majeure outside of Sweden. Ruben Östlund has made some really good drama in the past and Turist is no exception. It's all low-key, very human and deals with masculinity and depression in a great way.

Nightcrawler - This is a 70's movie transplanted into present day. The themes, the sociopathic protagonist and the overall vibe all feel like something Scorsese or Coppola would dream up back then. I'm not usually a Jake Gyllenhaal fan, but he's really good here and creeped me the fuck out. Highly recommended.

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Hard for me to choose, because they've composed mostly for games I either don't like or don't care about. I guess Kirkhope's compositions have more to them, so they're more lively than Wise's "New Age elevator music" (thanks, @aquamarin). On the other hand, David Wise made the intro music for Wizards & Warriors AND the Snake Rattle N Roll soundtrack.

Eh. It's a tie. Whatever.

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I have fond memories of the first two games and liked the prologue and Human campaign of Warcraft. Once in a while I'll look back on those and think that a new Warcraft would be nice. Then I remember that I couldn't bring myself to finishing WC3 because the Undead campaign reminded me too much of the Zerg part of StarCraft, and how Wings of Liberty bored me to tears. That game made me realize that I'm done with the RTS genre. So no, I don't really miss it.

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I would say no to mutiplayer on a grand scale, as the lonely feeling is one of the things I love about Elder Scrolls. However, I wouldn't mind having Souls-style co-op in Elder Scrolls. Summon a friend, explore a dungeon and kill a boss together. Afterwards your friend goes back to their own world with some bonus loot or a Sunlight Medal-style token they can trade for cool stuff. I think that could work for me.

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Proteus is Mindfulness: The Game for me. That game makes me completely incapable of having bad thoughts while I play it. Just walking around the island, taking in the sights and listening to the audio makes me feel at peace. I should play it way more often than I do, at least once a week or so.

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Having to grind for healing items is a bit annoying. There are a few good places to do it, like Central Yharnam and Cathedral Ward, but later you run into places where Blood Vials rarely (if ever) drop. It wouldn't be half as annyoing if the devs just let you warp between lamps, instead of having to go back to the Dream every single time.

Another small annoyance is FromSoft's obession with poisonous swamps. I'm in the Nightmare Frontier right now, which started out fairly easy until you have to cross the swamp. While it's not Blighttown or Valley of Defilement levels of frustrating, I wish they'd just retire that trope.