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@kirkyx said:

Obsidian and Star Trek.

I've thought about this a lot too. Would imagine there's quite a few Star Trek fans over at Obsidian.

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Been flipping through the Fallout PnP rulebook and preparing to GM a campaign in it lately, which made me real hungry for some classic Fallout. The first game used to be my favorite and even though I still love it, it felt a lot more simple this time around. The writing is way more concise and the choices, while interesting, aren't as complex as I recall. Still, there are memorable moments (meeting the Master is a big one) and most of the combat encounters are well laid out. The game is considerably shorter than the others, which I won't really hold against it. Not every RPG has to be a 50-hour affair.

As soon as I was done I started Fallout 2, this time with the Restoration Project mod installed. FO2 used to be my least favorite in the series along with 4. I've owned the game since launch day and have started it several times, but didn't actually finish it until last year. Thought it was okay, then moved on. Well, something must have happened to my brain since then, cause I appreciate it way more now. The game has way more personality than the first one. The political conflicts between NCR, Vault City, New Reno and Redding gives the whole thing a really strong sense of place. You're not just cruising travelling between isolated shanty towns anymore, but actually interacting with the game world on a way larger scale. FO2 does have some serious downsides though. The juvenile sense of humor doesn't quite work for me. Many of the random encounters are absolutely unreasonable. Once my level 5 character was ambushed by raiders armed with energy weapons and assault rifles. Needless to say, that encounter ended with me getting sliced in half. On some level I can appreciate that sort of thing. It does create a real sense of danger, but it also feels you're being actively punished for not dumping points into Outdoorsman. That said, I'm having a really good time with Fallout 2 and might move on to New Vegas when I finish it.

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Lucy 1/5. I can't even. Some people really like this movie, but I can't get past the terrible story and character decisions. Now everyone gets mad at characters in a lot of horror movies for making stupid decisions, but that's almost par for the course for horror movies. Not exactly sure why Scarlett Johansson's character makes the insanely dumb decisions she makes especially considering she's supposed to be the smartest and strongest person in the world due to her "unlocking the full potential of her brain." I really like Scarlett Johansson, not this movie though. Why does it feel like the car scene feel so tacked on? Why does all the tension of the movie feel so tacked on? It happens just for the sake of the happening no great reason, but as the viewer headscratching turned into yelling at the screen into face-palming at everything that's supposed to be tension and drama. Lucy just reeks of pretentiousness. Maybe I'm missing something maybe I'm too dumb to understand fully, but it's been so long since a movie has made me feel so mad at how dumb it is. I couldn't ever bear to watch this movie again.

Lucy is what would happen if David Cage ever got to direct a movie.

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There's a pretty good chance that it will feel dated, but at the very least it will probably be interesting and unique. I'm curious.

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@zevvion said:

@svenzon: I actually remember liking both Salvation and Genisys. Not amazing, just fun to watch.

Yeah, I'm in the same boat. Salvation is mostly OK, maybe a bit boring at times. Genisys is really, really dumb, but fun.

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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (4/5) - I've been getting into Star Trek lately, so I decided to spend Saturday night watching Space Seed and The Wrath of Khan back to back. That was fun. Space Seed is interesting and establishes Khan as a character pretty well, but the way McGivers just can't resist him is cringe-inducing. Fortunately the dumb gender politics are absent from the movie and it also sports some pretty impressive production values to boot. Ricardo Montalbán is great as Khan, really charismatic and menacing. Watching him and Shatner face off verbally and trying to outsmart each other is simply delightful.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (1/5) - Contrary to popular belief, neither Salvation or Genisys is the worst Terminator movie. This is. The opening and the ending is alright. All that's in between is a complete farce and often feels like a parody of Terminator 2 more than anything else. Bleh.

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Besides the Giant Bombcast and Beastcast:

3 Moves Ahead (strategy games)
Hardcore History (history, as the name implies)
Idle Thumbs (games in general)
Retronauts (old games)
Almost every podcast on (Watch Out for Fireballs, Bonfireside Chat, Abject Suffering, Check it Out Comrade and Teenage Dirtbags)

Been trying to find some non-gaming stuff, but haven't really found anything I love yet, except for Hardcore History. I listen to Welcome to Nightvale now and then.

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I'm Swedish, so I can't vote in the US election. If I could and it comes down to Clinton vs Trump, Clinton would get my vote. Trump is not even an option. He reminds me a lot of certain far-right politicians here in Sweden, the only difference being he'd have access to nuclear weapons.

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Killzone 2 is the only game to have ever given me motion sickness, which makes sense because that game didn't control all that well and the camera movement was weird. I did acclimate to it eventually.

There was definitely something off about that game. I strained my eyes so much playing it.

I know there was some game back in the day that made me feel weird, but the only recent example I can recall was Trackmania Turbo on PS4. Weirdly enough, I never felt anything while playing Trackmania 2.

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Star Control 2 is such a ridiculous blend of genres: a (light) strategy game, an RPG and a shoot-em-up all rolled into one. For some reason it all works too.