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First I wanted to say the original Assassin's Creed, but when I think about it AC3 might actually top it in the tedium department. The first game at least felt kinda fresh and interesting despite being repetitive as all hell. AC3, on the other hand, felt stale, uninspired and bloated as all hell. Didn't help that Connor is so bland, humorless and unlikeable that even Altaïr seemed appealing in comparison.

Diablo 2 is boring and tedious to me as well. I absolutely love the first Diablo and wish I could get into 2. Everything about it feels so dull. Once every few years I reinstall it to see if it clicks, but I have never made it past the first act. I think I might actually have fallen asleep trying to play it once.

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Konami will probably make some mobile game, but I don't think a new console/PC game will show up anytime soon. I hope we will some kind of compilation in the future though. If Mega Man Legacy Collection turns out good, maybe Konami will give Other Ocean the rights to make one. Frank Cifaldi would probably be all over that.

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Yeah, sure. I'm thinking about applying for a writing job in the industry actually.

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@svenzon: Do you know if both Darkest Dungeon and Nuclear Throne will release in their "final" states this year? Both games seem really cool but I'm holding out until they are finished to pick them up.

Darkest Dungeon is supposed to be in late summer. Nuclear Throne doesn't really have a launch window set, but the devs have said they're starting to reach version 1.0.

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The only 2015 releases I've actually finished so far are Bloodborne and Axiom Verge. Both of those are clear GOTY contenders for me.

Stuff I'm playing and really enjoying: Pillars of Eternity, Invisible Inc, Helldivers and Nuclear Throne (1.0 should be coming out soon, right?). I like Darkest Dungeon a whole lot, but feel like I should have waited for the full release.

I just bought Snakebird and while I really love the ideas in that game, it's forcing me to think in ways my brain wasn't made for. I'm sure it will click soon enough though.

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Back in 9th grade I had a falling out with my best friend, who decided to sic the school's worst bully on me. Being terrorized for nearly six months and threatened with murder left me pretty traumatized. I'm lucky enough to have supportive parents and teachers who helped me when they found out. Without them I probably wouldn't be here today. I still get panic attacks whenever I see that psychopath. You'd hope that he's matured and cleaned his act up since then, but nope. He nearly killed one of my friends a few years ago, so I still have a reason to be scared.

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Old World Blues is also really difficult. From what I remember there are a lot of dudes that will shoot you from far away. That, and the armored scorpions are the worst.

And it's still rather buggy, at least for me. The main game and the other expansions ran fine, but Old World Blues kept crashing on my computer. It's a shame, since it's easily some of the best written content in the game.

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I admit that when I heard Digital Eclipse are handling the port, my heart sank a little. Then I read that Frank Cifaldi is involved and he has taken game preservation seriously ever since he worked for 1Up. I hope this collection turns out nice. In any case it's good to see that Capcom hasn't completely forgotten about Mega Man.

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PS4 for now. If I get a decent PC in time for the release, I'll probably go for that version instead.

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There's also Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse about the production of Apocalypse Now. It's superinteresting and up there with Lost in La Mancha.