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I believe it is fairly accurate and its easy than looking around for the official game site or other sites, and it also checks your computer for you, therefor only takes a few seconds.
The only thing I dislike about it is that it will fail you if you don't have enough hard disk space available and you cant get a proper reading just because of that.

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I think i found them

Tf2 Giantbomb group

and Giant Bomb Group

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Jayge said:
"There are two Giant Bomb groups. One Team Fortress-centric one, and a much smaller Giant Bomb one that all of you should join.
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Is there a Giant Bomb Steam Community Group?
If there is one i would be happy to join.:-)

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Mine is probably Pit because that was the first character i started playing, but now I play with toon link a fair bit.

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Dude though both awesome games, but for smash bros its really only a multiplayer game and is it better when your playing with friends in real life.
Super Mario Galaxy is Awesome I had so much fun playing it, and its got a good singleplayer and defienitly one of the best looking wii games.
I'd have to say Super Mario Galaxy is the better one, but considering Brawl was my first smash bros game I may not know enough about smash bros to really understand it all.

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OMG he killed star wars with the last 3 he made (ep1,2,3) cant he just leave it alone!

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Rly people can't figure out how to change there icon, it was the first thing I did.

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Honestly Halo is overrated.

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Any multiplayer game valve makes is a winner.

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