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@MolluskLingers: I think you are right. This seems bad for them.

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Not sure if this is a thing or someone hacked my account. I signed in last night to play a bit and noticed that all my gold was gone. Has anyone had this happen? Or was my account hacked. The one thing that makes me think it was hacked is that I looked at the friends list and noticed that there was someone in my recently played list. I haven't played with anyone. Thoughts?

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hmm. thank you sir.

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anyone know if Arenanet allows monetization of videos of their game content? i searched all of the legal info and don't see anything one way or the other. not sure if there is anyone out there that would know but i would be forever thankful. :)

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@MB: What software do you use when you stitch them together. I just don't want to have waste so much time editing. I record close to 5 or 6 hours a day and break the vids up in 30 min sections. Easy for me to start and stop with XSplit.

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@easthill: Dxtory seems cool but is there a way to overlay a logo?

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I was wondering what everyone's favorite recording software is for games? I have used FRAPs and don't like how it splits videos and the size of the files. I am currently using XSplit for recording only but the program is very resource intensive. The framerate drops when I record. I do like the control that it provides for custom UI and am looking for a program that does similar things. Streaming is not as important to me. Just wanted to know if anyone on the GB community knew of anything better. Thanks a lot for any feedback. :)

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@Vexxan: Yeah, I looked at those but am not sure if the quality is there. Have you used one?

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Does anyone have any idea on what type of capture gear the crew use to capture consoles? I want to start recording some video but I don't know what I should get and what is good. Thanks for any responses.