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@roy42 said:

If two players have equal stars and equal coins…

Both players hit a dice block each. Higher number wins.

It's a game of skill, you see.

really? That would have been awesome.

Jeff would have been pissed.

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I use Overcast for iOS. It's a pretty good app.

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@comprox: Drew won by two stars... Drew would have had one less ( Brad would have stolen from him ), and Dan would have had one more ( the one he lost to Brad ). Would have been tied. No idea what the tie breaker is.

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If the WWE were scripting this, it couldn't have been setup any better.

When Brad landed on the Chomp space on his next to last turn, with the score tied at 6, the Dark Alliance could have come back with a vengeance... what would have made the moment that much better was that fact that two turns prior ( or so ) when Drew used his capsule to burn himself 10 spaces forward, he also burned his other capsules which burned the bone capsule he had been carrying almost the entire game!

And while the moment itself was pretty fantastic as it played out, and I was smiling pretty wide for it, had Brad turned heel and aided DirtyDan Rycert to win, I think the place would have erupted in a manner not even John Stewart can muster.

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Tried to do it. But my country is not there. I'm from Canada. Maybe add "other"?

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I find it funny so few people are lashing out at the whiney journalist crying about emotes... the CE isn't for you dumbass!

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And now it's changed. So I guess it's just delayed at updating.

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I'm using Mac OS X 10.9.5
Google Chrome browser

When I go to update my picture, it lets me choose "Previous Uploads" and I can choose the picture I just uploaded but when I click Save it's like nothing happened. Page reloads and my old image/avatar is still there.

I assume it's just me as I can't find any other threads on it, and I would assume there would be.

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Everyone in this thread is awesome. Good job all.