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Sweet stuff! 0

Angry Birds is an epic battle between pissed off birds, and green pigs in crummy shelters!   The basics principal of the game is to launch birds from a slingshot at a structure either protecting pigs or to display them proudly.  Your goal is the ultimate destruction of every pig.  Via direct hit, collateral damage or straight up bomb, inflict enough damage on a pig, and it's toast!  There are 6 types of birds that have different attributes such as your straight forward "I'm a rock, shoot me at t...

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inFamous! a must! 0

I'm going to assume you're read the wiki to this game... if you haven't... go back and do it.  I'll wait here...Go on...  Here's a link! Back?  Good...  on we go.I found the story very interesting... like a book you can't put down and stay up way too late reading.  That's what I found happening as I played through this game.  It would be 1 or 2 in the morning, and I kept telling myself... just one more mission, or a quick side mission... and then another and another.  The "cool" factor for me is...

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