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I really hope Double Fine fixes Iron Brigade. They have had a stuttering issue in game which they acknowledged and said they couldn't fix BECAUSE of GFWL. So if they don't support the game after GFWL that would be pretty shittty. I would have played that game more but it is unplayable for me later in the games because it stutters every time you pick up scap. which is all the time.

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@big_jon: It's Metroid, not Metriod.

But yeah, I was thinking the same thing yesterday during AGDQ. A new 2d Metroid game could be really great.

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@zeik said:

It would have been a harder choice if it was New Vegas.

Witcher 2.

But New Vegas wouldnt exist without Fallout 3. Having played Fallout 3 i have better memories of it even though i enjoyed NV more and played more of it. Fallout 3 is probably my number one game of the generation.

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Just uninstall all the programs you don't use. especially those that run at startup.

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Repping the ps3 GB Crew with my Hardcore Dave look. Username on psn is Packet0066.

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I played it on pc a while ago and finished it. The game is good but its too wide open... feels like an empty mmo sometimes. There are a too many boring sidequests, like hundreds. If you like doing all the available quests, you might get sick of the game before it's over. If you mainly focus on the main questline, you will have a good time.

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Since launch I have created 3 characters on psn and everytime i log in, they are not there anymore.

It seems like I keep the money I put in the bank but the rest is gone. Last two times when switched to a story mode character to log off, the ps3 locked up.

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That was horrible... I fell off my bike 3 times but i was almost 20 minutes in the race at that point so i figured i would play through it. At the Bike finish line all the AI racers ran into each other and fell over for some reason, I started running and was in 2nd place and passed the first place dude that was just walking slowly for some reason. Was able to stay in 1st pretty much all the running part but i did pause the game for a while cuz i was tired of mashing X.