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@thepantheon said:

Why is this an article on GB??

Because iOS is becoming a serious gaming platform among casuals? Or just because patrick loves Apple.

so does the rest of the GB crew...

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Sign me up!

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So far feels like Ubisoft open world game v.4 so i'll probably wait till the reviews drop.

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@budwyzer said:

Nintendo should just go the way of Sega and just make games for other platforms.

Look how well that worked out for Sega!

I have to disagree @patrickklepek. As others have said, sega is still around which i doubt they would if they had continued making hardware.

Also Nintendo has the benefit of having a very, very strong first party lineup. I imagine wherever they would go, their fans will go too.

But hey all speculation, etc etc.

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Really interesting interview. Thanks for that Patrick!

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@rorie: I beg to differ good sir! Looks fine to me

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I somehow have an image of publishers as people going through the stalls as a garage sale.

And I really don't want the saints row franchise to go to EA or Activision.

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I suggested this back on Screened but nothing came of it: This Ain't No Movie. Play and review game adaptation of Movies.

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@JoeyRavn said:

  • If you manually restart a checkpoint, you'll lose all the items you used before, even if you had them when you checkpointed. For example, I'm trying to kill some guards with poison darts. I started with 3 darts, used one on a guard, got caught, restarted the checkpoint... with only 2 darts. Fucking dumb.

Oh god the checkpointing! I remember countless times where I had failed full sync objectives on reaching a checkpoint. Select to start from the last checkpoint to be brought to that same point and having to start the mission over to get the full sync. I just don't get how this got through. In most companies, QA do checkpoint sweeps to make sure that stuff doesn't happen. It's passable on games where there's less of a completionist aspect to missions, but AC3 is the very embodiment of completionism.

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Don't worry. I was a massive AC fan since the first one (repetitive, yes, but it had a great feel and sense of identity) and was looking forward to 3 being a return back to form and the end of the story. When I finished the singleplayer, I jumped on multi to see if that could hold and not evewn that did. Exchanged it the day after. I constantly felt like i was ticking boxes, dealing with weird UI, bugs EVERYWHERE and the story was complete horseshit. On top of that the multiplayer's main and most played mode was team deathmatch, in which your character is unique in the lobby and it's just a case of finding your target and going in for the kill instead of blending in with AI that looks like you. Why change something that was unique and not broken? and before you go for my throat, I know that mode was in, but it's not the default and thus less players doing it.

Ugh. Count me out of future AC purchases. This game ruined my excitement for the franchise.