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managed to get serious sam 3 when trading in 7 coal at the steam holiday sale.

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Yeah, this doesn't sit right with me on so many levels.

If Spec Ops the line has taught me anything, If a game makes me feel uncomfortable on a deep level, the best way to "win" is not play at all.

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@nevalis: Sadly, just about every single thing about the game is convoluted. While I keep playing the game I honestly have lost a little bit of respect for Bungie after Destiny's release.

Man just a little? Destiny is a really interesting idea that fails in many more ways than it succeeds. This in of itself wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, but the PR hype machine prior to release coupled with their defensive/passive-aggressive statements and how they really lean into the "it's our way or the highway" philosophy all work towards putting Destiny in the dimmest of lights that even the traveller couldn't illuminate.

Personally I found it astounding that this game went through rigorous playtesting and no one raised any concerns about the many, many bad design choices present.

I can guarantee you they did, but they probably said that's how it's meant to be played/by design/too late to fix.Usually every obvious bug and design flaw the users find will have been raised by QA or playtest but waived by the devs for one reason or another.

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Why is this an article on GB??

Because iOS is becoming a serious gaming platform among casuals? Or just because patrick loves Apple.

so does the rest of the GB crew...

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Sign me up!

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So far feels like Ubisoft open world game v.4 so i'll probably wait till the reviews drop.

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Nintendo should just go the way of Sega and just make games for other platforms.

Look how well that worked out for Sega!

I have to disagree @patrickklepek. As others have said, sega is still around which i doubt they would if they had continued making hardware.

Also Nintendo has the benefit of having a very, very strong first party lineup. I imagine wherever they would go, their fans will go too.

But hey all speculation, etc etc.

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Really interesting interview. Thanks for that Patrick!

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@rorie: I beg to differ good sir! Looks fine to me

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I somehow have an image of publishers as people going through the stalls as a garage sale.

And I really don't want the saints row franchise to go to EA or Activision.