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One does not mess with the Gaben

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And so begins the mass exodus to ustream.

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Hey guys if anyone needs more awesome podcast's to listen to, check out the Interactive Experience on iTunes. It's something me and a few buddies started doing weekly. Were no bombcast, but, I'd like to think were also a fun listen. We also have a website you can visit if you don't have iTunes.

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Thanks in advance for spending some time and giving us a listen :)

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Iwata proving even more that he has no idea what he is doing, and sinking Nintendo in the process.

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Considering I thought Cole was just a scowling generic dude, Deslin is a much better character from a defining characteristics stand point.

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Anyone know where this has gotten to today? Usually its up every Friday but looks like something is going on today.

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The lang zone will consume is ALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So, I have the settings turned so it will turn my controller off after 10 minutes. However, this isn't happening. I will leave it sitting there and it will not ever power off. Am I missing something here, or does this seem kinda broke to anyone else?

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Bioshock is now back in the hands of 2K when it comes to development???? Aww shit, here we go again with another Bioshock 2.

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Ah they are doing password resets for some accounts. If you go to the PSN website you might just have to reset your password. Mine seems to let me in fine on the site but my PS4 and the Sony Playstation app will not connect to PSN. I'm thinking there is some kinda weird Canadian outtage.