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Every time this happens I consider it a giant middle finger to the publishers that refused to put money into these great ideas, and that makes me extremely happy.

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*long drawn out wet fart noise*

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Yep, I'd never gotten the chance to play this back in 1998. So far I'm struggling to see what makes it so cool other then the nifty art style.

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I really really wanted to like this game, But so far the puzzles are so obtuse that I don't know if I can keep going. I've had to look at a walk through 5 times already in the first 3 hours. Every time I read it I tend to shake my head and wonder how the hell I was suppose to know how to do any of that. I really wish they had added in some kind of mild hint system instead of being stuck in the dark all the time.

That being said the game looks great and the asetetic is clearly something unique and amazing. But, in the end this game has the same problem that a lot of things made by Tim Schafer do. All style and very little substance. Sad Day.

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Looks like an accurate list. It should of been Giant Bombs list too other then Brad whining.

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All I see is the top 9 games of the year and 1 wet fart brad cried enough about.

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One does not mess with the Gaben

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And so begins the mass exodus to ustream.

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Hey guys if anyone needs more awesome podcast's to listen to, check out the Interactive Experience on iTunes. It's something me and a few buddies started doing weekly. Were no bombcast, but, I'd like to think were also a fun listen. We also have a website you can visit if you don't have iTunes.

[MOD EDIT - Sorry. No self-promotion/advertising.]

Thanks in advance for spending some time and giving us a listen :)

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Iwata proving even more that he has no idea what he is doing, and sinking Nintendo in the process.