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    Maybe I am just a bit nerd for this style of game, but OS left me cold. Compared to the greats of this genre it is just so lacking, even compared to recent new games like Shadowrun (not a perfect game...

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    @heatdrive88: It's time travel. Garrosh Hellscream has gone back in time and stopped the orcs from drinking the blood.

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    New Bionic Commando was pretty good (if you bought it on sale). Great video Pat, looking forward to more!

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    Drew: Is that Tyrion LannisterBrad: No. Oh brad

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    good luck Vinny and alex! Excited for whats to come from the east coast office! I guess this must mean new hires re coming to the west soonish though. Drew as solo video person would be rough on him.

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    I had no idea how identifiable "neutral" Canadian accents are until everyone in this vid and the QL of golf club all said it. We sound normal I tell you, it's the newfies who have the thick accents!Ed...