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Nice list Pat, no Wii U so can't say mucha bout bayonetta 2, but I agree with most of this. I am a weirdo who does like D:OS :p

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good luck Vinny and alex! Excited for whats to come from the east coast office! I guess this must mean new hires re coming to the west soonish though. Drew as solo video person would be rough on him.

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Great write up Patrick. I love hearing about all the madness from EVE.

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@Nation764 said:

I think the best thing about this entire thread is that it is allowing people to get out their feelings and opinions about Patrick without having the mods remove their posts. The volume of criticism is too large to stifle. Before Patrick, fun and lighthearted site and community. After Patrick, threads like this. Why do we need this stuff on a gaming website? We play games for fun and enjoyment. Patrick feels a need to make social commentary, and focus on negative things. Myself and many others think this stuff is better off in other venues. There is no arguing that he has polarized this place, which it wasn't before his arrival.

lol, what a terrible post

I dont like thinking about bad things. i am a child.

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@shawnlreed said:

Patrick, you are awesome.

The best voice in games journalism right now.

Don't stop doing what you do, man!


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the giant bomb community once again proves itself to be as vile and stupid as every other dumb forum on the internet.

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I'll run a new one if needed, how about GBTechCrew?

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If someone is on the 360 list I am looking to join, GT: BurgessMeredith. Would love to play this with some GB folks, game is fun as hell.

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As someone who bought this game today, this server is goddamn amazing. I am loving this shit right here, this shit right here

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Coins can fall out of pockets when sitting or leaning back, of COURSE you put them in the wallet. also patrick won.

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