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    Tao and Diane were sisters? And Kane and Max (Able?) were brothers? So much of the Shining story i've missed!
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    Capcom vs Marvel vs Humans vs Orcs

    Chapter 1: The rage insideHe smiled as he saw savageness in the big green man's eyes. Although he rarely actually got into a fight, Akuma lived for a challenge like this. His teammates had both nearly...

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    Akuma vs Hellscream

    Hellscream: The lost chapterGiant brown feet touched with surprising ease and softness, the soft luscious grass on the same ground they had been fighting on just moments ago. Gouki had as much control...

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    Clans (only) of the Old Horde

    Now that Blizzard decided to relaunch Warcraft with an altered history timeline, and since i had already tried to collect this information before, but rather crudely here, i'm going to create a second...